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CAPTAIN KENNEDY: Hard Time Wakin’ In The Mornin’

Posted: June 23rd, 2005, by Tom Leins

Amiable countrified post-Britpop shenanigans from new Northern Ireland-based record-collection-raidin’ five-piece Captain Kennedy. Opening track ‘Sweetest Friend’ echoes ‘Very Best Friend’ by widely-ignored Noel Gallagher acolytes Proud Mary in both title and tone, and the band set their retro stall out from the offset. ‘Hard To Find’ is a woozy mid-period Dylan shuffle and ‘Bill Bussa Blues’ is a coked-up ‘Second Coming’/’Be Here Now’ guitar workout that Noel himself would surely approve of. A perfectly respectable debut release, but next time around i’d like to see a bit more of their own personalities and a bit less of their record collections.


Tom Leins

Tom is a relative obscurity in diskantland. All we know of him is that he's from Devon and that he writes a fanzine called 'Voices from Downtroddendom', so draw your own conclusions from that. Our conclusions are that he's probably got a funny accent and a bit too much time on his hands. So he'll fit right in around here.

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