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Findo Gask

Findo Gask

I first met Findo Gask back in 2005 when our bands played together – they were very friendly and very good. I promptly downloaded their old shoegazey MP3s, bought their split 7″ with Errors and arranged an interview. A mere three years later, we finally have one! In the intervening period, Findo Gask have relocated entirely from Fife to Glasgow and embraced technology, adding a layer of groovetastic awesomeness to their dreamy sparklerock, topped off with singer Gerard’s unexpectedly angelic voice. Our old label OSCARR promptly dropped us and hooked up with the Findo boys instead but I’m not bitter as their Va Va Va 12″ finally showcased their talents properly and got even The Guardian raving. Okay, let’s meet them!

Members, and what you do in the band:
Gavin: Synths, Bass, Programming, Production, Singing, Guitars, you name it and his beard has probably soiled it.
Gerard: Sings awfully well, synths, has been known to handle an axe or two.
Gregory: Bass maestro, also the singing type. Oh and guitars. And synths.
Michael: Mostly drums but can strum guitars when it takes his fancy.


In our current guise 2007, however the band has been banging around since 2002 in one form or another.

What do you think you sound like, and how different is that from what other people have said or written about you?

We think we sound like Stereolab and Cornelius producing Kylie or Hall & Oates records, but maybe we don’t. It’s difficult to judge what something is like when you’re faced with it daily. We’re quite happy for people to tell us what they think we’re like. The music is jammed full of a vast variety of influences, so it is interesting to find out what people hear when they listen to us. We’ve not come across any ‘wrong answers’ as far as comparisons go (except maybe Aled Jones – guffah)

At what age did you start making and recording music? What got you hooked into it initially?

Gavin has been producing music since his last few months in the womb. He likes technology in a semi-sexual way. He is constantly astounded, perpetually excited, and regularly aroused by the developing possibilities that technology provides. The other three are developing programming skills as a result of Gav’s interest and under his tuition. Gregory, Gerard and Michael have been playing music with various different people since their angsty adolescences. First came punk, then post-rock, now we feel as though our tastes have matured a little.

What do you do in your day-to-day lives, other than being Findo Gask?

Some study, some work, some do both, and one does neither.

Which is your favourite of your own tracks and why?

Gaahhhhh. This could be hard to answer without sounding like a big, fat wank. I cannot speak for the whole band but my fav is a song entitled White Glove. It’s got a good mix of the various stylings to be found in our different songs, a nice brass arrangement, a hideously filthy bass line, and a slightly odd structure. Mmmmmm.

How has The Magical World of MySpace™ helped your band?

It has mostly helped by providing a massive distraction from more important tasks. It’s certainly let some people hear our music, although we’re not convinced that this is any more than a handful. The work that is done to keep the band functioning is largely done out with the reach of Murdoch’s greasy mitts.

What’s so great about Glasgow?

What’s so great about Glasgow?!? Are you sick? The place is teeming with an array of friendly, talented individuals. It is a wonderful place to meet all sorts of artistic types and the weather is consistently poor enough to encourage work indoors.

If there was a Findo Gask tribute band, what would they be called?

Four Poofs and a Piano – the album’s called “Now We’re Cookin’ with Gask”. We also have plans to do our own Yellow Magic Orchestra tribute band with the name Behind the Gask.

What have you been listening to/reading/playing/watching lately that you’d recommend?

We Love Katamari (on most Sony formats) is spectacular.

The Jesus Lizard are a recent discovery and make us peepee.

Olaf Stapledon has written some mind meltingly good science fiction, although it’s not really science fiction. First and Last Men is a future history of the human race. Starmaker is a description of a disembodied consciousness’s journey through space and time. If you can get over the dryness of his language you will find that both are rollicking good reads.

The best TV programs we’ve been watching recently are both North American. Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job! is bizarre and uncomfortable but excruciatingly funny at points. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is a sitcom set mostly in a bar, but with four of the most heinously debased characters you will encounter.

The best things in life are free – what is your favourite thing that costs nothing?
Free booze. Lolcats.com.

What are your upcoming band plans?
Hopefully we’ll have another single out in October which may or may not be followed by a wee tour. Other than that, this will be a summer of graft and perhaps the occasional show around the country.


Records we can buy:
Va Va Va 12″ and download on OSCARR