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Posted: September 19th, 2006, by Jon Goodwin

Hello strangers.

First record you bought and do you still own it?
Push by Bros, on casette. Lost to history I’m afraid.

Last record you bought
I had a spree on Saturday and bought Motorhead, Charles Mingus, the Best of Blondie (my favourite Blondie record) and New Nina Nastasia and Uzeda records.

Last song you downloaded
Don’t really do much of that, the 21st century is not for me. I listened to Dananananaykroyd and Field Music on Myspace yesterday, if that counts.

Last song/record you went to enormous lengths to find
Pass. I’m a very lazy man.

Most elaborately packaged record you own
I can’t think of anything particularly elaborately packaged. The Unit Ama CD has a ribbon around it, I have some nice looking Shellac seven inches. Records on Run of the Mill sometimes come with free elastic bands.

Last song you listened to
‘The thought of one’s own death’ by Sweep the Leg Johnny.

Favourite mixtape someone made you that you still listen to
First in a while came from Mr Nick Jones for my birthday and it was very good.

What records are you going to buy next?
new Shellac and Joanna Newsome when they come out, and perhaps Noxagt. John Fahey, Nico, Discharge and Dirty Three are on my ‘old records to buy’ list.

What are your top 10 most listened to songs on iTunes/last.fm/whatever.

What? er, here are 10 songs I like –

Greater than Symbol by Dananananaykroyd
Escort of Soda by Valina
Human Canonball by Butthole Surfers
In Context by Field Music
Dead Song by The Birthday Party
Government Center by Bilge Pump
Ace of Spades by Motorhead
Futures and Pasts by The Fall
Square King by Nels Cline
Charlies Laptop by I Had An Inkling

Very quick

Fanny’s Ale and Cider House, bike-riding, eggplant, zucchini.

Lack of free time, the vegetable ‘fennel’, framing pictures.

Were these last two questions supposed to be music-based? Sorry.

Jon Goodwin

Jon is a Leeds-based diskant agent, who aided his passing of our severely rigorous interview process by, essentially, having good taste and bigging up his time at 2004's All Tomorrow's Parties. Beyond this, we know little about him, but imagine that it's pretty likely that he has one of those friendly-sounding Leeds accents, and that he is good friends with David Gedge, Cud and Hood. And possibly my sister, who lives in Leeds right now.

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