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Posted: September 18th, 2006, by Ollie

What better way to break my rather lengthy blogging absense than an annoying Myspace style quiz? Would have posted this as a comment to Mar-C’s but it had too many line breaks apparently….

First record you bought and do you still own it?
Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em by MC Hammer, on cassette, and no.

Last record you bought
Moon Pix by Cat Power, ebay bargain.

Last song you downloaded
New Harvey Milk album.

Last song/record you went to enormous lengths to find
Trunk edition of The Wicker Man soundtrack. After what seemed like years of looking I scored a pristine copy on ebay for £20, which was fine by me.

Most elaborately packaged record you own
The Harmony of the Spheres 3xLP box set on Drunken Fish. Real nice.

Last song you listened to
Flight of the Eagle by Om

Favourite mixtape someone made you that you still listen to
No one makes me mixtapes (HINT)

What records are you going to buy next?
Top of the list right now are:
Gareth Hardwick/LOTRH lathe cut
Comets on Fire – Avatar
Om – Conference of the Birds
and a million others.

What are your top 10 most listened to songs on iTunes/last.fm/whatever.
1. Animal Collective – The Purple Bottle
2. Scout Niblett – Miss My Lion
3. Panda Bear – untitled
4. Growing – Freedom Towards Death
4. Growing – untitled
6. Animal Collective – We Tigers
7. Neutral Milk Hotel – Song Against Sex
8. Neutral Milk Hotel – Oh Comely
8. Animal Collective – Grass
8. Black Eyes – Some Boys

In other news I have been ill in one way or another pretty much since 2006 began. Which has been rubbish. I did attend Cambridge’s annual Palimpsest Festival last month, which was as excellent as last year led us to expect. Some very special sounds in particular from Sunburned Hand of the Man, Directing Hand and Alasdair Roberts. And as Mar-C mentioned not so long ago, ATP is only a few short months away. If anyone would care to join me in pushing the carnage envelope please do speak up.

Very quick THINGS I LIKE
The films of Herschell Gordon Lewis
The onset of autumn
Newcastle Brown Ale
Alan Moore’s Promethea

Missing Blood Red Shoes at the Portland tonight
The public


Ollie lives in Cambridge and puts on gigs as part of Crushing Death and Grief.


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