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Posted: September 20th, 2006, by Chris S

First record you bought and do you still own it?
The first record I bought myself was the Snap album “The Power”. I don’t still own it. The first record I remember having was The Beatles 67-70 and I still have that though it’s not the same copy.

Last record you bought
I bought a load of stuff in Chicago at the same time: Eddie Murphy “Comedian” LP, Pharoah Sanders “Tauhid” CD, Reissue of “Blind Joe Death/John Fahey” LP, Borbetomagus 7″, UOA 7″, Sun Ra LP the name of which escapes me, Earthless LP, Ornette Coleman “Dancing In Your Head” LP, Thurston Moore/Nels Cline Live CD, Loren Connors “The Departing Of A Dream Vol II” CD, Ken Vandermark’s School Days “In Our Times” CD. It’s the most music I have bought in ages and I’ve only listened to a small bit of it.

Last song you downloaded
I am not a big downloader but I did get all the old Scratch Acid stuff off Soulseek.

Last song/record you went to enormous lengths to find
Not counting Tauhid by Pharoah Sanders (as I settled on the reissue CD) it would be this weird double 7″ called Burlap Fantasy (it’s an 8 track dub-style mix of Mississippi Queen by Mountain) that I heard on WFMU.

Most elaborately packaged record you own
Harry Smith Anthology Of American Folk Music Vol 4 on Revenant. Or “America” by John Fahey.

Last song you listened to
“Holy Teeth” – Comets On Fire

Favourite mixtape someone made you that you still listen to
Chris Thrash made me a really good one called “Don’t Sweat The Technics” a long while ago that was great. Luke Younger made me a few too that were equally good and all feature still in my bath time tape collection.

What records are you going to buy next?
God knows. Probably Bonnie Prince Billy.

What are your top 10 most listened to songs on iTunes/last.fm/whatever
I use none of the above so will guess from my stereo/car stereo.

Comets On Fire – Holy Teeth
Comets On Fire – The Swallow’s Eye
The Gories – Thats The View From Here
The Kills – Cat Claw
PW Long – Stand Up!
The Monorchid – Beard Of Bees
The Monorchid – Distortion
Awesome Color – Hat Energy
Awesome Color – Free Man
Excelsior – Hoedown at the Thunderdome (aka Hoedown At Dude Ranch)

Going boating on a canal (www.flickr.com/photos/sumlin)
Being in Chicago
The Monorchid at The Note, Chicago
Uzeda guitarist Agostino
Buying a copy of my own guitar for £100
Awesome Color live
My new Polaroid
New Felix songs

Being in Nottingham
My next door neighbour practising his rapping skills (sorry, skillz) at 7am at concert volume
Being skint
The people of Sneinton

Chris S

Chris lives for the rock and can often be seen stumbling drunkenly on (and off) stages far and wide. Other hobbies include wearing jumpers, arsing about with Photoshop and trying to beat the world record for the number of offensive comments made in any 24 hour period. He has been married twice but his heart really belongs to his guitars. All 436 of them.


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