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Tiger Throat – Tiger Throat (CD, Rusty Axe)

Posted: January 7th, 2010, by Justin Snow

I hate to copy from others, but Rusty Axe was (and, lets face it, should be) spot on when describing Tiger Throat as a metal HEALTH. Actually, they specifically mention Bone Awl and Mono as well. And that’s there, definitely. But I’m gonna simplify and says it’s HEALTH gone metal.

Tiger Throat’s self titled demo is strangely put together. Only three of the 10 songs are proper song length. The rest are 6 second interludes of electronic warble and feedback fading in and out. But those three songs are fucking killer. Huge monstrosities of epic noise rock that’s heavy as shit. Sure, dance a bit, but I’m pretty sure by the end you’ll be air drumming and head thrashing like the unabashed dork in the back of the room at an Oxes show.

Is it just me, or is it kind of weird that a “demo” got released by a label? Does that happen a lot? Either way, I totally understand Rusty Axe for knowing the goods when they hear it. Tiger Throat totally deserve to have their shit put out. Here’s hoping a full length is on it’s way. Although I’m not sure I can handle that much awesome.

Tiger Throat
Rusty Axe

Justin Snow

Justin resides on Lon Lon Ranch in Massachusetts with his wife and two magical bunnies who help him raise a herd of lifegiving milk cows. A childhood encounter with the evil lord Ganondorf brought about his love of music genres involving the words DOOM, DEATH and DESTRUCTION. Justin also enjoys watching films, playing Ludo and eating popsicles.


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