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MALE BONDING/EAT SKULL – Split Single (7″, Tough Love Records)

Posted: September 29th, 2009, by JGRAM

As ever Male Bonding invade the joint with scratchy guitar and a reckless sense of adventure.  Today with their contribution to this split single of “Year’s Not Long” they up the tempo/pace from their usual trudge before winding up in some kind of circling frenzy that revitalises proceedings before the band launch into the final leg of their energy infused declaration of fuzz.  The increase in speed does not serve them well as it feels as if it dilutes their temperament gives them something of an upbeat sound that doesn’t snap as effectively as previous efforts from them.

The Eat Skull effort sounds as if it has been recorded from a television using a cheap cassette player.  It is a real spinning top of an affair of warped funfair surf guitar music that almost sounds like a Hammond organ and vocals delivered in an equally dizzying fashion and crashing expletive.  This is fat person go-go dance music, made to look ugly when really under the masks are clean faces and stupid but cool hairstyles.  “Heaven’s Stranger” would make good theme music to a camp television show about a one legged crime fighter.

A nuisance to the industry.

Thesaurus moment: haze.

Male Bonding

Eat Skull

Tough Love Records


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