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A mystery CD from 4tRECk

Posted: August 3rd, 2008, by Simon Minter

Now, I can’t remember why I was sent a demo CD from 4tRECk – I get stuff sent for review, but I also get stuff sent that concerns Audioscope and/or Fourier Transform. I have no way of telling what this CD’s ‘purpose’ is. Damn my disorganisation.

Anyway. Regardless. I’ll mention it here because it’s veh good. A weird Anglo-French dinky-donky sounding set of tracks produced by one man and his portastudio, that mixes sensitive folk music with the structural oddity of American Heritage/Don Caballero/etc. Interesting for no other reason that it sounds both familiar and new, and it’s music that makes me smile.

Simon Minter

Simon joined diskant after falling on his head from a great height. A diskant legend in his own lifetime Simon has risen up the ranks through a mixture of foolhardiness and wit. When not breaking musical barriers with top pop combo Sunnyvale Noise Sub-element or releasing records in preposterously exciting packaging he relaxes by looking like Steve Albini.


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