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Signs that the 1980s revival has gone too far

Posted: March 18th, 2008, by Stan Tontas
  • skinny trousers
  • massive asymmetrical hair. (We didn’t ban CFCs because of the ozone layer…)
  • banks collapsing
  • house prices falling
  • stock market crises
  • Chinese government crushes citizens with tanks
  • Your pal sells 10 copies of Class War‘s magazine in under two hours.
  • Rambo in the cinema

Any more?

Stan Tontas

Stan lives in Glasgow.

2 Responses to Signs that the 1980s revival has gone too far

  1. Simon Proffitt

    The phenomenon of Rick Rolling.

  2. Stan Tontas

    My God that’s bizarre and had completely passed me by. I guess this is what I miss out on through the magic of NoScript. Makes the internet such a quieter and more civilised place :)