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Posted: October 3rd, 2007, by Jon Goodwin

My biggest achievement of summer 2007 has been moving back to Newcastle, my biggest achievement since, ooh since moving to Leeds in 1998. Newcastle’s great.

As well as playing lots of soccer and pub quizzes, me and Sophie off of Sailors are attempting to make it even better by putting on some great gigs. Well, at least one. On Fri October 26th we’re hosting Sincabeza, That Fucking Tank, Richard Dawson and Helios which will be an exciting evening of rock and non-rock. I used to go and see Richard play gigs when we were both about 16; he was great then and he’s great now! Sincabeza are great rocking French instrumentalists, Tank are great noisy duo, possibly augmented at this gig by Giles from Kill Yourself, just like the old days! Helios are new kids on the Geordie block and sound a bit like a heavy Faraquet, I think.

I haven’t played in my band Sailors much, but some recordings we did a while back have seen the light of day by way of the excellent Gringo Records of Nottingham. YOU SHOULD ALL BUY IT HERE NOW. Due to now being scattered all over the country gigs are few and far between, but we’re playing in Brighton on November 24th and Leeds on December 1st, with two whole hosts of excellent bands including Soeza, Line, Ack Ack Ack, Bilge Pump and Trencher. Get in!

And thats it I think.

Jon Goodwin

Jon is a Leeds-based diskant agent, who aided his passing of our severely rigorous interview process by, essentially, having good taste and bigging up his time at 2004's All Tomorrow's Parties. Beyond this, we know little about him, but imagine that it's pretty likely that he has one of those friendly-sounding Leeds accents, and that he is good friends with David Gedge, Cud and Hood. And possibly my sister, who lives in Leeds right now.

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