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Kanye West – Can’t Tell Me Nothing

Posted: July 30th, 2007, by Chris S

My housemate Gareth and myself are now experts in the genre of the ‘modern rap video’. Matt Gringo keeps suggesting to Gringo recording artistes that we venture into the world of the music video for the sake of market share and sales forecasts but until someone can do one of those videos where the camera is on the floor going backwards down a hallway with loads of diamonds on the walls and ceiling and it’s kind of looking up at members of Bilge Pump/Lords/Souvaris/Sailors surrounded by professional dancers and then Emlyn from Bilge throws a massive wad of ‘fiddies’ at the camera, then it’s just not going to happen.
Strangely, Kanye West has made a video that looks nothing like this and is funny as fuck.

Chris S

Chris lives for the rock and can often be seen stumbling drunkenly on (and off) stages far and wide. Other hobbies include wearing jumpers, arsing about with Photoshop and trying to beat the world record for the number of offensive comments made in any 24 hour period. He has been married twice but his heart really belongs to his guitars. All 436 of them.


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