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DERIDE – Take It Or Leave It (CD, demo)

Posted: June 17th, 2007, by JGRAM

With a pleasantly fuzzed up dirty Soundgarden-esqe guitar sound, this Myspace approaching band sustain my attention for exactly 22 seconds until the Ian Astbury style vocals kick in and spoil the show, reducing proceedings to little more than dated hair band cock rock middle class white man blues grunge rock of the most hormonal kind. That surely can’t be a good thing.

With a name that I keep confusing with Deidre (Barlow?), The Police lifted “S.O.S.” insertion into the first song only serves to extend the painfully commercial aimed intention and unoriginality of this CD. And then track two sounds like the Manic Street Preachers in the most AOR of modes.

Deride are a managed band destined to play pubs and rock clubs for eternity. I could go to the rock bush outside right now and pull two or three of them of the vine in a moment. Actually I am currently shitting a band like this out of my arse right now!

Sent by their management company (they’re managed!), unfortunately I was not supplied with a bio sheet to go with this CD so I have to make my own up with my imagination. And my limited imagination only serves me to believe that in their part time these guys are bricklayers after being the kings of the school in their formative years. Their record collections contains every CD Kerrang has given five Ks to in the past ten years. And with a demo cover that features a strewn bottle of Jack Daniels, packets of fags, unused Durex, some bird’s bikini top (or undies, I just can’t tell the difference these days), a rolled up twenty pound note and a circle of powder that may or may not (probably not) be blow – I don’t think you could mistake these guys for being emo. I wish I had never been sent this.

Thesaurus moment: obsolete.

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JGram, friend of the stars, chartered accountant and pie enthusiast, likes nothing better than KICKING YOUR SKINNY ASS by way of a carefully-timed half-nelson followed by the CLOTHES LINE! OW! So never, never cross him. His dog Snowy is equally rockhard and will bite your lim bs off in the blink of an eye. And then paw your eyes out for blinking when he's biting you.

34 Responses to DERIDE – Take It Or Leave It (CD, demo)

  1. Anonymous

    Pity You Thought so
    I’ve seen these guys live and They are Fucking Amazing-
    They’re not
    “destined to play pubs and rock clubs for eternity”-They are going places-Shame you missed it

  2. Chris

    if you didnt like these guys why did you spend so long writing about them.
    you must have a limited imagination if you think you could shit something this good out of your arse. the only shit here is coming from your mouth

  3. Anonymous

    you wrote a lot considering that deride are “cock rock”

    did you possibly think that maybe your taste in music is a little dated?

    you might not like Deride but teenagers, like me, think they kick ass.

    So go suck on some balls and leave music reviews to people who know what they’re talking about.


  4. Anonymous

    what an idiot you are.
    i’ve seen them live they fucking rule!

    you obviously don’t know what real music is
    you fucktard.

  5. teresa

    u fucking twat!
    deride are cool.. and gonna go places!

  6. Anonymous

    you are an absoloulte DIK FACE !

    this is a modern rock band who are going places.

    i’ve known the lead guitsrist for a few years, and he knows about music.
    more than you.

    this is an amazing band and i hope they go farr.

    keep it up paul and the rest

    mitch. ;]

  7. marceline

    Thanks for all your reasoned comments, anonymous fans of the band. You do realise this review has been on the site since June?

    If you send your CD to a reviewer you have to expect the possibility of getting a bad review. If you can’t take criticism then do your research and send your music to reviewers who are likely to appreciate it.

    I guess we can check back in a year or two and see who was right.

  8. Gillie

    No Problem with Criticism-but unadulterated drivel-nah
    Won’t take a year or two and
    We know who’s right

  9. Anonymous

    can’t take critisism?
    if this was fair and ‘reasoned’ critism, then fair enough-

    but it isn’t.

    unoriginal? ha. you’re so wrong.

  10. Minders

    I listend to their songs on myspace and i am sorry but i have to completely agree with the reviewer.

    althoughh, when he says they are destined to play clubs/pubs the rest of their lives i disagree.. i think they are more of a wedding band, or mates birthday parties.

    absolutley no originality whatsover.

    and you lot who are leaving comments like..”oh your a pure fuckface” Grow up, are you going to abuse everyone who gives this band a bad review? Cos fuck me, your gonna be busy little bee’s

  11. Chris Summerlin

    The song “Game Of Love” is like having hot AIDS poured into your ears. JGram was kind.

  12. Chris

    I think everyone wishes you hadn’t been sent this

    What a waste of a cd


    u cunt deride rock they are the best unsigned band i have ever herd and as u dont like them why did u wast time typing out y u dont like em u sad bastard GET A FUCKING LIFE U TWAT!!!!!!!!!

  14. minders

    sean, darling, behave your self.

    there shite, infact, iv had more enjoyment taking a shite than i have listening to this band.

    do you think it reinforces your opinion swearing and being vulgar? No it just identifies that the only fans of this band are uneducated, common, foul mouthed little idiots.

    peace out mofo

  15. Si

    Excuse me ???????

    “the only fans of this band are uneducated, common, foul mouthed little idiots.”

    What exactly gives you the right to put everyone in a box?

    Everyone has a right to their opinion-the reviewer expressed his-and now people who do like the music have the right of reply.

    Who decides what’s right or wrong

    Accept the reality, appreciate our differences

    Who the f**k are Deride?
    Unique like you…

  16. Ollie Simpson


    I’m very tempted by the Special £20 Package of a shirt, CD, Dog Tags (??), 3 badges and a SIGNED PHOTO. Bargain.

    Serious though, I listened to a song and did a bit of sick in my mouth.

  17. amh

    PLEASE don’t dignify this review with a response. DISKANT SAYS…..
    “Firstly the most important thing to note is that we’re not professional reviewers, we don’t get paid for this so we generally only review things if we’re really excited about them. We prefer to write positive reviews so if we’re indifferent to your record or dislike it then it probably won’t get reviewed.”
    mmmm.. bit of a contradiction then!! We all know the boys in the playgrounds only pull the pigtails of the girls they fancy. “YOU know that I know” YOU ROCK. In the words of JGRAM “Writing got me into trouble but that was really exciting, it showed me the true power of the written word. If I have learned nothing in my adult life (and some say I haven’t) it is that standing up for yourself is never going to be easy”
    But DERIDE you can let your fans stand up for you!!!

  18. minders

    im certainly not gonna be ‘fan of the month’……

  19. marceline

    Did you spot the word PROBABLY in there? Our review policy is that reviewers are not obliged to review the records they are sent if they don’t like them. But If they do want to write about something they hate they are quite welcome.

    If you were a regular reader of our reviews page you would know how few ‘bad’ reviews there have been in the last TEN YEARS: not many. At the very least you got a link to your myspace so readers can make their own decisions.


  20. Chris Summerlin

    Sean Clarke: here we go, I sorted it out for you:

    “You cunt! Deride rock! They are the best unsigned band I have ever heard. If you don’t like them – why did you waste time typing out this review? Why don’t you like them? You sad bastard, get a life you fucking twat!”

  21. sean

    CHRIS SUMMERLIM thanks for the compliments on my bad language i say wt i like when i like and if u have a problem with it then tuff shit fuck face ( deal with that pal!!! )

  22. Sean Clarkk


  23. Sean Clark


  24. marceline

    Well, he’s got you there Chris.

  25. sean

    who ever has posted the last 2 comments in my name stop it its just sad and clarke has a e at the end u tit but still they are right bout u chris lol u looser :D

  26. Sean Clarke

    For fuck’s sake, whoever keeps posting things on here in my name but deliberately spelling everything as if I was a total fucktard – stop it! I’m an intelligent human being, I’m 35 years old and I CAN SPELL AND PUNCTUATE. Please, stop it, it’s not funny.


    chris u wank splat fuckface postin shit in my name i know its u coz ur the only sad twat who would and im 22 not 35 u tosser i got a gr8 idea 4 u chris why dont u go and play in the fuckin road and we will all just pray u get hit and die :D

  28. Carol Vorderman

    All this makes me very agitated.

  29. shot gun of shit

    I agree with the review ..

    this band are awful …

    sure they can all vaguely play… but so can about a million other people … their sounds pretty retro, but not in a good way (i.e. taking a old premise and turning it on its head)… theres no imagination or originalty .. but hey .. maybe the bass players solo album will be shit hot?

    they are no way as good or as intreasting as they think they are ..

  30. Anonymous

    Anyone who derides Deride doesn’t appreciate the power of REGENERATIVE ROCK at its very best.

    TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, you dated lot.

  31. David Stockwell

    And what, pray tell, is “regenerative rock”? I feel so out of touch. Especially when a band this shit (and with a sound more dated than Ocean Colour Scene in 1995) gets people to leave comments on their behalf.

    All you management-appointed Street Teamers who have left abusive comments here: for your own sake, get another job.

  32. greg

    I missed something magical here. :(

  33. Anonymous

    the only thing this band are fit for is to serve the hillbillies of nuneaton and bedworth, one of there tunes sounds like a mcfly tune….enouth said!

  34. Anonymous

    I have to say i’m insulted by this ‘reviewer’. Firstly and primarily, you don’t know the band, i consider your interpretation of who and what they are to be nothing more than a cheap shot below the belt, secondly, you go on to comment on the fans of the band. This is frankly out of order, i am good friends with Deride, so much to be a Student of one of them too, you don’t seem to grasp the idea that they might just be good friends making music, they must be coked up wannabe rockstars obviously. I think you should seriously reconsider your words next time you decide to review somebody, you are neither comical, articulate, witty or worth listening to in any way shape or form.