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BLOOD ON THE WALL – Awesomer (Fat Cat Records)

Posted: September 26th, 2006, by Dan Pretzer

Akin to scoring a ride home from high school with that cute punk rock girl you’ve had your eye on since the first time you roamed the hallways feeling those teenage kicks getting you out and over what was left of the dial. Bumming a few licks from the Sonic Youth vocal training school and the Mark Arm technical academy. The message I hear is loud and clear, at some parts not quite there all the way but enough to have you turn to her as she drives you home and you ask Who is this? She tells they’re called Blood on the Wall. She tells you they’re good, she’s seen them play. Your ears perk up and record every word, sound and inflection coming out of the speakers. Your street, your house and your goodbye come quicker than you planned. You thank her for the lift, grateful for a handshake, (you got to touch her at least, and you’re never washing that hand again.) You get out and walk inside. You pick up a pen and some paper. You write Things to Do at the top. Number 1: Get Blood on the Wall. Number 2. Bum ride from her tomorrow.

Dan Pretzer

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