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From the desk of the diskant Overlord – August 4th

Posted: August 4th, 2006, by Marceline Smith

I was in Dublin last weekend which was fairly fun. Sadly I didn’t make it to the Botanic Gardens but I did wander round the city for hours and hours and hours managing to fit in Trinity College, Dublin Castle Gardens, the quite marvellous Chester Beatty Library which had some wonderful Chinese and Japanese printmaking on show, the Natural History Museum, St Stephens Gardens, shoe shopping, cake and much hotel lounging into less than two days. Oh yes, and playing a gig. Which was quite stressful but fun. I loved our support band Cap Pas Cap, a frenetic shouty angular band that made me think fondly of Park Attack and thus miss Glasgow. We also got paid and fed well which is always an enormous bonus. So, thanks Dublin. I’m not sure it was worth missing Hey You Get Off My Pavement though.

My next excursion is to London at the end of the month which happily coincides with the not at all bad line-up of the Cross Central festival at Kings Cross. If they could just move Errors and Annie over to the Saturday I’d be overjoyed. I expect they’re both DJing though so hopefully not too huge a loss. Saturday does look fun with Ladytron, Four Tet, 1990s, Animal Collective, Optimo, Ellen Allien etc. Looks better than ATP at the moment actually…

We’ve been doing the Visited Countries map at work this week and I lost miserably with my pathetic 5 countries visited. Now that I actually have some money, I intend to go see a little more of the world. China is top of the list, and I really should go to the USA sometime. I did, however, win the Visited UK Counties map so therefore I win, on an environmental level at least.
Anyway, to get back to diskant, you will be seeing some new content soon, I promise. First up I will be introducing you to the diskant team in a regular feature on the weblog so you can find out a little more about us as people which might also explain what the hell it is we spend all our time doing and thus neglecting diskant. First up, the one and only Simon Minter.

Current listening: The Pipettes, Findo Gask, Pet Shop Boys, The Organ, Ladytron.
diskant interview slackness stats: Interviewees: 2, Me: 2

Marceline Smith

Marceline is the fierce, terrifying force behind diskant.net, laughing with disdain as she fires sharpened blades of sarcasm in all directions. Based in Scotland, her lexicon consists of words such as 'jings', 'aboot' and 'aye': our trained voice analysts are yet to decipher some of the relentless stream of genius uttered on a twenty-four hour basis. Marceline's hobbies include working too much and going out in bad weather.


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