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LARGE MOUND – Go Forth And Amplify (Scientific Laboratories)

Posted: July 28th, 2005, by Fraser Campbell

Imagine you’re hungry, starving even. Then someone comes along and serves you up a delicious stew containing every flavour you’ve ever enjoyed.

It might just be that I’m peckish just now but that seems to me as good a way as any of summing up this terrific record.

The analogy, crap as it is, does genuinely stretch to explain the massive range of influences and styles Large Mound use on this album without ever sounding like they are reaching or forcing anything.

With hints of everything from Gorkys to Iron Maiden, the astonishing achievement here is that they never truly sound like anything other than Large Mound. In drawing their influences without any apparent preference or particular prejudice, they seem to have created not only a distinctive sound for themselves but a natural sounding blend of stylistic surprises, providing a genuine tonic for even jaded old souls like my own.

Lyrical content focuses on hatred of menial jobs (“I Have To Work” and “Wad Of Cash”), semi-ironic references to “rocking” and acerbic true life accounts (“I’m Being Sued By The Fire Brigade”) while the production remit seems simple, featuring mixed down vocals, a towering wall of guitars and a selection of rasping riffs At The Drive In and RATM would have been justly proud of.

Large Mound

Fraser Campbell

Fraser is a small cuddly foul-mouthed bunny rabbit trapped in the body of a man. As one half of the slightly infamous You Owe Me Glue/Cheery Bananas comedy duo he has been peddling cheap laughs for a number of years. In order to finance his comedy talents, Fraser spends 8 hours a day locked in a battle of wills with a giant fearsome monster known only as 'The CRM'. For more information on the ful l range of services available from Fraser contact us today.

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