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JEREMY WARMSLEY – I Believe In The Way You Move (exercise1)

Posted: July 5th, 2005, by Alasdair R

As diversity can be valuable and in my own white male geeky way I’ve been ‘hired’ to bring something a little different to the diskant table. I listen to Girls Aloud, by choice and I enjoy it too. I’ve never knowingly heard a Black Flag track and I preferred Hole to Nirvana. I’m not ashamed and that wasn’t meant as a confession, just laying my cards out before starting this review properly.

Jeremy Warmsley’s press release tells me that he has created a ‘a truly original style that remains uniquely accessible’. Rubbish. On listening to the cd it is accompanying I find that Warmsley has created a pocket of experimentation that while being quite fun and spirited is not well defined enough to be accurately described as ‘truly original’. It’s accessible as long as you enjoy listening to the sound of the lo-fi bedroom white boy riding again. By at turns confidently and clumsily merging a twee indie sound with skittering electronica, Warmsley has produced a sketchy debut that I’ve been finding hard to love or hate.

jeremy warmsley

Alasdair R

Alasdair was sent from a distant planet in order to conquer the Earth. His powers of procrastination and argument are so powerful it is impossible to escape from the grip of his warped logic. He hides behind a range of disguises which includes the largest collection of jumpers in the galaxy. Luckily for us, Alasdair is easily distracted from his tasks of death and destruction by anything from cute little puppy dogs to pop music and thus humanity is safe, for now.

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