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VARIOUS – More Soul Than Wigan Casino (Fortuna Pop)

Posted: June 5th, 2005, by Crayola

Fortuna Pop’s compilation EP More Soul Than Wigan Casino is a 4 tracker featuring Kicker, Comet Gain, Airport Girl and Butterflies of Love doing covers of Northern Soul classics and murdering them. In fact the the whole thing is an exercise in irony, given that the bands involved rip all the soul out of the originals while pursuing their ambitions to sound like the back end of the C86 movement. And I really mean the back end – I’m talking The Secret Goldfish and Bambi Slam rather than McCarthy and The Wolfhounds. Perhaps it’s just me being a purist, stuck up prig, but if you’re going to make music in an idiom from the past then you should be doing it with verve, not just make carbon copies of what’s gone before. There’s no need to do 80s indie like the darkest depths of the Apricot label when you can do it like Spearmint or The Free French. Hate mail to my usual address, thanks.


Crayola's musical heritage stretches way back to having one of the most impressive record collections in Telford. Always on the outer limits of the most independent of independent music, he now co-runs Kabukikore Records and releases more records and CDRs than you can shake an obscure stick a t. And they have some nice packaging, too.

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