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Mundane shit

Posted: April 15th, 2004, by Greg Kitten

“log”, right. got it. i can talk about mundane shit.

i’ve been kinda sickly lately. a cold, they call it. felt worse than that. when you can’t be bothered to say owt cos it seems too much effort to pass air through your throat and you blow blood out of your nose, “cold” seems like a lame description. whatever. it didn’t stop me from smoking a dozen spanish Camel cigarettes a day. Hardcore. And they’re in a SOFT PACK too.

We all know smoking makes you look COOL, but taking a cigarette from a soft pack makes you look 3 times as cool. And if you’re doing it when you’re ill, you’re the coolest motherfucker alive! Yeah. Anyway, soft packs. So cool. Give the pack a wee flick on the bottom and one pokes out of the pack, amazing stuff. I was in a club the other week, looking like the coolest motherfucker alive (naturally), when i flicked the pack and two cigs flew out of the pack, one onto the floor next to me, one onto the dancefloor. So fucking cool.

Greg Kitten

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