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Posted: March 20th, 2004, by Ollie

hi gang, been doing things recently (in a roundabout way). best of all was a rather wonderful trip to san francisco where we saw hella, walked up some massive fuck off hills and ate crazy new food. thanks mainly to the insane amoeba records, we are now up to our eyeballs in new music too, which is pretty great. in another thinly veiled excuse for a band list, here are some recent purchase highlights:

alvarius b/dylan nyoukis – sugar: the other white meat lp

dylan nyoukis – with hicks in the sudan cassette

friends forever/gang wizard – split 9″ (lathe cut too, no less)

ashtray navigations/gang wizard – split 7″

amon duul ii – yeti cd

amon duul ii – phallus dei cd

sunroof! – bliss 2cd

wolf eyes & smegma – the beast lp

wolf eyes & black dice – collaboration lp

riveting, i’m sure you’ll agree. buying stupid records and then showing them off as shamefully as possible is one of the best pastimes a man can have if you ask me. the live circuit is still fairly quiet, but we are hopefully seeing KHANATE!!!!! next thursday. judging by the live photos circulating from the shows they’ve been playing, they look insane and should be nothing short of excellent. just after that, cheer accident are playing in town with a band featuring ex-members of sweep (remember them?!) which i’m kind of in two minds over. all this activity of course in no way makes up for the fact that we’re missing atp this year (and all the various gigs that the bands are playing around the same time). i for one am also insanely jealous that mister younger is getting to go to no fun fest in nyc! jammy tyke. and as if that weren’t enough, radio playing excitement to boot? how does he do it?

on a slightly sadder note, a tiny little part of my soul finally died yesterday, as we gave up on the endless struggle against all of society, and bought mobile phones. fancy ones too, with cameras and email and all kinds of crap. we’ll be eating tapas and ending loud and irritating public conversations with “ciao” before you know it.

other recent things include: long overdue haircuts, the surprisingly good dawn of the dead remake, final fantasy:crystal chronicles, vague plans to move to various different places which usually last about an hour, kickass new tape deck with flashy lights and things, and of course, a constant state of anarchic joblessness. when will the excitement end?

kudos must go to chris s. for his saab purchasing. after a big clanky late 80s volvo, a saab would definitely be my car of choice (if i could drive, this is). i think though, if he mentions the slint thing to anyone else, his saab should become THE saab from tweez, it would make for a much better story, especially since it would be coming from chris summerlin, master of rock, and would therefore be entirely believable.

lastly, down there on the left just above the blogger button, you can now see what each of us have been listening to. well, currently it’s just marceline and i *coughSTAFFcough*, but hopefully it will provide you with some insight into, er, something or other. this somewhat miraculous feat of technology (by my standards) is provided by listen-to.com. clever stuff.


Ollie lives in Cambridge and puts on gigs as part of Crushing Death and Grief.


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