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Posted: December 10th, 2003, by Greg Kitten

So in an effort to get back into the swing of things in the world of BLOG, I have recently been dedicating my time to GOING OUT and DOING STUFF. This has opened my eyes to the fact that MANY THINGS are better than sitting around doing very little while OUT OF YOUR BOX. It also has had the bizarre side-effect of writing a lot of random words in ALL CAPS while blogging. I only discovered this two minutes ago.

Last night, Kat Kitten and I toodled along to see the Xmas buster-of-blocks known as Elf. Since admitting intending to see this film I have been on the receiving end of much ridicule, though I understand not the reason. It features Will Ferrell getting hurt a lot while wearing an Elf costume. Let me run that by you again: GETTING HURT in an ELF COSTUME. It degenerates into a bit of a Christmas Sapfest(tm) toward the end, but that’s totally acceptable, what with it being Christmas and me being a sappy muthafucker at heart. Plus, we had ice-cream and smuggled in muffins and milkshake, despite knowing that we couldn’t possibly eat another bite after our hugest ever dinner. Kat had a dish named Ultimate Fish and Chips. Which i guess is kinda like The World’s Best Cup of Coffee. Life imitating art imitating an Elf getting hurt a lot. You don’t know what i’m on about, because you haven’t seen the film, and you probably won’t because you’re too DAMN COOL to go see a sappy Christmas film. And you probably won’t be fortunate enough to have hysterics before the film starts, when a group of Big Rugby Lads walkshout over to you “Is the the screen for SWAT?” and you have to tell them that it’s not, they’re in the screen for Elf, and they go on to explain that “I thought it was a bit strange that the tickets said Elf on them”. Sheesh.

Next Week: Brother Bear!


Greg Kitten

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