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Fugazi / Rock Mess Monsters

Posted: November 6th, 2002, by Will Cayto

No point telling you stunning Fugazi were, Marceline’s just done that and I heartily agree with everything she wrote [exept the bit aboot cameras, obviously. Evil things steal yr soul, ye know]. What was amusing was how many of the Scottish rock mafia were out in full at the gig to takes notes or something. Spotted were: Lapsus Linguae, Electric Tibet, Cayto, Small Enclosed Area, 1″ Volcano, Fighting Red Adair, Aereogramme, Biffy Clyro, Stapleton, and hunners more I probably missed.

Speaking of which, most of these fusty buggers have also been involved in the Rock Mess Monsters compilation. Thus there were launch gigs aplenty last week. I popped down to see Frightening Fred Astair in full Halloween regalia [a day early], and donned my own satanic visage for the Lapsus Linguae gig. Pish sound at both gigs, but lots of dressing up, beer and sillyness; which always equals: fun!

Will Cayto

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