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Posted: November 3rd, 2002, by Adrian Errol

Last week saw a vertual plethora of gigs in Bristol and one in Oxford. The Nought/Noxagt/Giddy Motors show mentioned below on Tuesday; Cat on Form in Bristol on Wednesday; Jackie O’Motherfucker (or something like that) on Thursday and then on Friday Fugazi and also Oceansize. Yet even though I’m the diskant events handler I only managed to get to the Friday gigs. How crap is that? Anyhow first time I’d seen fugazi and they were great. Everything I expected plus they played most of the songs I wanted to hear and the bonus was they finished by about 9.30 (excluding encore) and so I had time to nip over to see Oceansize. Who were a little disappointing really. Lots of new songs but they don’t seem to have too many ideas. Lots of big hairy riffs and loudness though which matched my mood for the evening. So 5 gigs over 4 nights and I only manage to make 2 of them. Crap, huh. I really wish I’d have got to the Nought show as it sounded ace. I did however get to the cinema to see ‘The Road to Perdition’ and I really liked it. Beatifully shot and well acted, but the plot had some holes and I’m not sure Tom Hanks was the person to cast in the lead role. The kid was wicked though. ‘Donnie Darko’ next week which from every review I’ve seen should be fab and so that’s something to look forward to. Plus I have a job interview next week so fingers crossed everyone….Thanks….

Adrian Errol


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