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Corporate indie

Posted: August 28th, 2002, by Chris H

Just back from seeing [a corporate indie band] and oh deary me. Big bus, more crew than band members, laminate passes. And guess what? They were acting like dicks! Ninety minutes for them to soundcheck, zero minutes for the support bands. We’ll have this area here for our merchandise and you’ll have to stay out of the dressing room all night, boys, the bass player is female. You need to borrow a plug? Spares! Re-mem-ber Spares! And finally, they parked their van where it blocked the other bands from getting out.

Were they worth it though? Must have been, they had ‘AAA’ on their passes and lots of shiny posters. Their badges come in sets in plastic bags. No, they were crap. So inoffensive I was offended and so slick I wanted to sandpaper their faces. But The Kids loved their airbrushed angst and jumped up and down like there really was meaning and passion in the songs. They might become big enough that the shitty behaviour of them / their crew doesn’t stand out so badly but right now they look ridiculous and fake to me. Escort offstage and two bouncers on the door of the dressing room? Please.

Chris H

Chris was hit by a brick as a child and lost the popular culture part of his brain. This affliction means he is only able to listen to obscure japanese noise bands and watch films with overtly complex storylines. His other interests include skulking, editing documents, taunting policemen and entering undecipherable handwriting contests. He lives in an enormous underground laboratory where he spends many hours trying to un-invent television.

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