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Check Engine

Posted: January 24th, 2002, by Adrian Errol

Now once again it’s been a while. But the main reason for this is that I haven’t doing anything sufficiently exciting to blog. However last Saturday I went to see Check Engine. Purported to be a poppier Sweep the Leg Jonny I was a little dubious as I wasn’t sure what that would be like. Anyhow went along and was amazed. Firstly by a solo chellist who was the only support act going by the name Mrs Pilgrimm. She managed to create this whole sound with various effect pedals and loops with a kinda odd vocal. Not quite haunting but definitely unusual. After that Check Engine wander on the stage and start up with a disjointed shouty number with a noodley sax playing over the top of two guitars, a bass and some great drumming. While one of the guitar amp’s packed up, this continued all the way through the set. Ending up sounding a bit like a poppier Sweep the Leg Jonny. Anyhow go see them if you get the chance, come on you know you want to, besides you should trust me I am the event handler after;)

Adrian Errol


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