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War and Hate

Posted: December 17th, 2001, by Chris H

Saturday I went on the Anti War (try this site, they were there) march in Glasgow. It was OK but I’m very much not a fan of the ritualised shouting that these things can get stuck into (see bits of “face it, your politics..” in the Reading Library section here for why). Especially when the woman with the megaphone is right behind me. Some of the speakers were more interesting than I’d thought, though. And it was a good mix of people who probably wouldn’t have agreed on much else.

But then it was enough Hippy Peacenik nonsense and after some shopping (CAPITALIST!) I went to 6 Hours of HATE! at the 13th Note. It was closer to 8 really. Some good bands and beside that there was a lot of bands doing slow chunky metal with a singer with shaved head and goatee beard thing who were OK. Esp. good were In Decades Decline (formerly Unique Freak) and their mates Divide, they were on the more punk side of things. Also liked the silly fast metal bands Evidence of Trauma (short songs and old skool metal haircuts) and Regorge (? – re-something anyway, technical thrash but better than that sounds).

I survived (the folk there were actually friendlier than usual, I’m sure) and at 10 I left to go home and listen to John Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano.

Chris H

Chris was hit by a brick as a child and lost the popular culture part of his brain. This affliction means he is only able to listen to obscure japanese noise bands and watch films with overtly complex storylines. His other interests include skulking, editing documents, taunting policemen and entering undecipherable handwriting contests. He lives in an enormous underground laboratory where he spends many hours trying to un-invent television.

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