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Don’t mention the NME either

Posted: October 4th, 2001, by Greg Kitten

Don’t mention the NME either. Even though the fact that it’s crap has been staring me in the face for ages, i’ve only just stopped buying it. I used to read it in my half hour lunch at work every wednesday (i don’t mean i’m only allowed to eat lunch on wednesday, that’s just the day i bought it) – it was ever so slightly better than nothing and the content was so lame that i could eat and read it at the same time without too much brain action. But yeah, i finally stopped getting it. What clinched it for me was the story about the White Stripes signing some million pound deal with some label or other, and as an illustration they’d done a mock up of a cheque for a million quid with a caption that said ‘what that cheque may have looked like’. That really did sting quite a bit. And that was the end of my NME reading career. And i still hate Kerrang! since they slated me nearly two years ago. But i’m not bitter.

Greg Kitten

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