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Anyone want a free CD?

Posted: September 15th, 2008, by Stan Tontas

I got 3 CDs in my copy of The Wire this week. An extra copy of the subscriber-only Phonorama and if anyone thinks they’d like it, they can have it. Leave a mention or contact details in the comments.

Phonorama is an improvised electronic piece that’ll remind you of Fennesz or Oren Ambarchi. Extremely pleasant in my opinion and about as accessible as a Wire CD would get. The packaging’s cute too, if flimsy and all-in-all it’s better than the Wire Tapper compilation.

While on the subject of The Wire, their blog has led me to some good articles recently. I especially liked k-punk‘s essays on class and culture (but the specific one that caught my eye, I’ve lost; sorry).

Stan Tontas

Stan lives in Glasgow.

4 Responses to Anyone want a free CD?

  1. Alex M

    That sounds right up my alley. Mind if I snag it?

  2. Pascal Ansell

    Alright to nick one also? pascalansell@hotmail.com

  3. Stan Tontas

    OK dealing with it. Alex can you drop an email with your address to (this message will self-destruct after reading…)

  4. Alex M

    Email sent.