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i really don’t like harmony korine in the slightest

Posted: August 16th, 2003, by Ollie

his popularity baffles me. somehow he is mister credibility, despite making films so corny it hurts to watch them. obviously they’re not corny in the traditional sense, but in every one of his films there’s one big fucked up scene where someone steals a dead baby or gets aids or some such crap, and it’s always filmed like it’s trying to say “ooooooh, can you bear to watch this? this is the most fucked up film you’ve ever seen and isn’t it horrible and aren’t i clever?”. no you’re not clever, you’re an idiot.

i really don’t like kevin smith either. another director who seems to be very popular amongst people my age. i swear i could write better scripts than he could, they’re fucking atrocious. the actors bearly have enough time to fit all the words of a sentence in before jay pops up and says “nooch” and all the guys in the audience fall around laughing and high fiving each other. sometimes i think maybe clerks isn’t so bad, it certainly seems like the exception, but it’s still nothing special. mallrats and chasing amy are both so bad however, i can barely bring myself to think about them in a detailed way, nevermind watch them.

there you are, two directors who don’t deserve a fraction of the attention they get. been meaning to say that for some time. in other news, we saw smog last week who was really very very good indeed. after having only ever seen him across a horribly noisy and crowded room at atp last year, it was great to see him in a virtually empty bar. support came from azita of bride of no no/scissor girls fame. she was a little odd, and her voice got on my nerves a little, but she went down quite well. jazzy piano and singing and weird faces. we also went to see cat power but left after 3 songs cos it was so packed and we couldn’t see or hear anything. apparently after we left she was so drunk she was rolling around on the floor wailing, before awkwardly finishing off the proceedings with some sloppy drumming. that’s entertainment. sadly we missed soilent green last night cos it was expensive and probably not very clean. however! coming up we have 25 suaves and spiritualized. yes!


Ollie lives in Cambridge and puts on gigs as part of Crushing Death and Grief.


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