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Can I be the first to say…

Posted: April 21st, 2008, by Stan Tontas
  • where the fuck is the 13th Note?
  • Who goes to Brel for music? (A: people who think Ashton Lane is Glasgow’s East End)
  • The Scotia kicks the arse of the Halt Bar if you want authentic.
  • When did the folk in Nice N Sleazy become “painfully well-dressed”?
  • You put your page break in the wrong place.
  • But again, where the fuck is the 13th Note?

Meh I always fall for this kind of commercial website flame baiting. Use the AdBlock firefox extension if you follow that link.

Stan Tontas

Stan lives in Glasgow.

2 Responses to Can I be the first to say…

  1. Stewart

    Damn right, the Note is Glasgow’s finest sweaty underground rock dive by far. I can forgive the omission of the new Stereo as it’s not quite established itself, but Brel? And Woodside hardly ever has live acts anymore so it shouldn’t really count. And the myth of King Tut’s “legend” continues…

  2. Marceline

    The 13th Note is a ghost of its fomer self though. At least they didn’t include the Barfly.