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Posted: November 22nd, 2005, by Jon Goodwin

Or what I have been doing instead of being here

Listening To: Fugazi – ‘Repeater’, Lightning Bolt – ‘Hypermagic Mountain’, Pifco – ‘Pifco’ CD, Woman – ‘das Hexer’ CD, Big Black – ‘Songs About Fucking’, Jeffrey Lewis, Burn to Shine Washington DVD (really not good), Burn to Shine Chicago DVD (REALLY DAMN GOOD!!!!)

Reading: Alan Bennett – ‘Three Stories’, Julie Burchill – ‘Sugar Rush’, Kurt Vonnegut – ‘Slaughterhouse 5’.

Working on: job application form, learning to play the guitar PROPERLY, putting on a lovely gig in January with Woman, Not in this Town and others.

Looking forward to: playing the guitar PROPERLY, getting the new job, Dirty Three (tonight!)

Jon Goodwin

Jon is a Leeds-based diskant agent, who aided his passing of our severely rigorous interview process by, essentially, having good taste and bigging up his time at 2004's All Tomorrow's Parties. Beyond this, we know little about him, but imagine that it's pretty likely that he has one of those friendly-sounding Leeds accents, and that he is good friends with David Gedge, Cud and Hood. And possibly my sister, who lives in Leeds right now.

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