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HEX – demo

Posted: February 3rd, 2005, by Marceline Smith

I’ve been thinking a lot about The Male Nurse lately. With all the Franz Ferdinand stuff finally making people more aware of marvel that was the Yummy Fur, let’s hope some of that spotlight shines on their siblings, Lung Leg and The Male Nurse.

Anyway, to get to the point, I was delighted to hear more than a hint of The Male Nurse in the new demo by Glasgow duo Hex. It’s there in the jangly guitars and blasé sing-song vocals of Unready Unsteady and there’s even a bit of early Fall style shouting on Sorry For Nothing to make Hex probably Guided Missile’s favourite new band, if this was 1998.

Add the sort of drum machine that manages to make everything sound like classic eighties indie to drive the songs forward quick march, some dinky keyboard melodies and stacatto riffing and you’ve got quite the catchiest demo I’ve heard in a long time. Currently without a label so get on it, people!

Email: wearehex@hotmail.com

Marceline Smith

Marceline is the fierce, terrifying force behind diskant.net, laughing with disdain as she fires sharpened blades of sarcasm in all directions. Based in Scotland, her lexicon consists of words such as 'jings', 'aboot' and 'aye': our trained voice analysts are yet to decipher some of the relentless stream of genius uttered on a twenty-four hour basis. Marceline's hobbies include working too much and going out in bad weather.


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