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HOO-RAY for mundane shit.

Posted: April 16th, 2004, by Ollie

As well as a “log”, this can also be a handy way to communicate. Chris! Don’t buy a Playstation you fool! Get a Gamecube, or a Gameboy Advance, or something else that is made by Nintendo and not by some bunch of Nazis. Get a SNES! They’re cheap on eBay and just as amazing as they were in 1992.

We have a Mac and iPods. We’re going to hell, but in a very nice, flashy, and distinctly non-Microsoft kind of way. We also just got fast internet for the first time, which has made for some very exciting Soulseek experiences. Thanks to Mister Stockwell, Charalambides have also been on my “Why Was I Not Listening To This Band Years Ago” list. Other recent favourites have been Wolf Eyes and anything to do with them, anything on the Siltbreeze or Blackbean and Placenta labels, and in a fit of 6th Form nostalgia, the Super Furry Animals. Them were the days. I also have a part time job in a record store, which pays worse than you could ever imagine, but at this point, I’m in no position to complain. Discounts galore, so I guess it works out. Lastly, we saw Kill Bill Vol. 1, and it was far, far better then either of us were expecting. Quite looking forward to the new one, which I believe is out tomorrow.


Ollie lives in Cambridge and puts on gigs as part of Crushing Death and Grief.


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