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Posted: December 8th, 2002, by Adrian Errol

Well it seems with diskant being broke recently the usual tardiness of most bloggers has not improved and so I figured I’d try to buck the trend and actually post something. A week ago today I moved to London to start my new job at Southern Records and it was some week. Three gigs (The Apes, Nina Nastasia and Billy Mahonie) later and lots of effort trying to work out what my new job actually involves has left me a little frayed around the edges but hey it’s been fun. Of the three gigs I have to say Billy Mahonie were the best. They debuted their new line up (kev & Hywell have left) one bass guitar being replaced by a normal guitar and some new songs. I was a little worried how they’d be live after Hywell left but these fears were unfounded ‘cos they were excellent and the new songs bode well for the future of the band. Apart from that I’ve not much to add aside to say I’m missing the diskant list’s inane chatter and my computer/stereo/records. If you are one of the nice people that check out the diskant gig guide then I apologise for the lack of updates between now and the new year but Marceline will be doing her best to keep things as up to date as possible!!! So for now then all I have to say is if I’m not back before Christmas then a hope a good time is had by all and keep your eyes peeled in the new year for a new Errol website and errol-y release including the stunning Reynolds album. Egg nog all round then…

Adrian Errol


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