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5 things I discovered last week

Posted: July 9th, 2002, by John Coburn

1. Home-grown chillies are not good for the stomach.
2. Damien Frost records are great.
3. The tv programme ‘Six Feet Under’ is great.
4. If you ask for a can of Tab Clear in a newsagent’s people will laugh at you.
5. Jimmy Saville was once a professional wrestler.

John Coburn

John is an enigma of a mystery wrapped in a question. Stalking the Northern streets by night, he collects compliments like a true professional, his hair combed neatly into the finest cut this side of David Bowie circa 1967. Hurrah, hurrah and thrice hurrah for this giant of words. John's interests include racing pigeons, counting votes and collecting toy cars.

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