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hey kids

Posted: June 4th, 2002, by Ollie

it has been some time since my last blog. i have been busy getting married and buying furniture and things, but i have also seen a few bands. i missed all the post-atp fun due to crappy computer things, so i was determined to be first to blog about arab on radar, who i saw last night. they were lots of fun, very silly, very weird, and very noisy. lot’s of shrieking and dribbling. support came from sweden’s kid commando, who were ok, but not amazing. they did however uphold the theory that men with moustaches shouting is always entertaining.

it was also good to see reynolds the other week, it had been a while. if that new album does ever see the light of day, i’m sure it’ll be a belter. there’s lots more bands coming up too, with oxes (maybe) on thursday, and ten benson next week. i was also very happy to discover that both mercury rev and the flaming lips are playing in my fair city in july. hooray for gigs that aren’t in london.


Ollie lives in Cambridge and puts on gigs as part of Crushing Death and Grief.


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