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shocking revelations!

Posted: January 8th, 2002, by Chris H

This isn’t music related, BUT I’m posting it because I don’t whether to laugh or cry. An article at GNN links to websites called activistcash.com and consumerfreedom.com. I feel so much safer after learning that they are standing up for my rights against nannies funded by big businesses. Such shocking revelations as: Ben&Jerry’s gave some activists $100k to deface billboards! PETA are vegans! Some people are on the board of more than one group! Greenpeace have offices! And of course the ELF are the American al-Qaeda. (It stops getting funny there)

Also follow the link to the original article and see businesses described as “powerful” (her quotes not mine, like it’s only allegedly true).

I don’t really have to say who funds these websites, do I?

Chris H

Chris was hit by a brick as a child and lost the popular culture part of his brain. This affliction means he is only able to listen to obscure japanese noise bands and watch films with overtly complex storylines. His other interests include skulking, editing documents, taunting policemen and entering undecipherable handwriting contests. He lives in an enormous underground laboratory where he spends many hours trying to un-invent television.

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