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Giving blood

Posted: December 13th, 2001, by Adrian Errol

this not gunna be a long blog but I just wanted to convey to you what happened to me on Monday when I was just trying to do something nice. I went to give blood. I’ve done this regularly since I was 18, about 10 times and never had a problem. This time however I did. As I lay down waiting for the nures to stick me I took a few deep breaths ‘cos it hurts to begin with. However I wasn’t prepared for the bloody butcher they had working that day. After being jabbed, she muttered ‘mmm…missed the vein’ and proceeded to wiggle the fucking needle about under the skin trying to find the vein. After 20 seconds of this she admitted defeat pulled out the needle then without warning stuck me again. The dozy bitch still couldn’t ‘find the vein’ but by now I had a fast spreading bruise where she’d been poking the needle. Deciding I’d not been mutilated sufficiently she thought it best to release the pressure of the bruise by using the needle to pierce the skin once again. I resisted the urge to strangle the bitch shouting I’m not a fucking pin cushion but another nurse wandered over and said ‘ah… sorry about that why don’t you get yourself a cup of tea and come back in a few weeks’. The temerity of the woman! Suffice to say I’m not going back their anytime soon although I’ll still give blood ‘cos it’s a good thing to do. Anyhow I’m off to hand in my essay and I’ll be back blogging again soon, once I’ve recovered from my ordeal. Toodle pip…

Adrian Errol


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