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hurray for late night posting

Posted: November 17th, 2001, by Ollie

interesting things i have been doing lately include:

skiving work, liking the bubba sparxxx single far too much, whatching stupidly bad tv (young, gifted and broke anyone?) and ah yes, seeing mogwai of course. they were good but not like amazing. better then average i’d say. my mogwai gig tally is now in double figures though, which is quite nice.

i have been listening to rhode island’s lightning bolt lots and lots, who are certainly worth checking out if you like full on noisy mathmatical stupidity (and let’s face it, who doesn’t). i also got the set fire to flames album, who manage to nicely escape the moniker of ‘yet-another-godspeed-side-project’ which can only be good.

the official diskant tape ring 2001 (as it has now become known) is proceeding at a terrific rate as anyone involved will tell you. well done to everyone for making it this far. it can only get better.


Ollie lives in Cambridge and puts on gigs as part of Crushing Death and Grief.


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