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Posted: October 11th, 2001, by Ollie

just a quick word about j spaceman and his gang. well, they were very very good. it felt like as well as writing a bunch of new songs in that long break, they also perfected a great deal of their old stuff. the sound at the corn exchange is generally noted for its shiteness, but every note seemed absolutely perfect. the new stuff slotted in well with the old blah blah, and it was nice to hear something different, but it was still the old ones like let it flow and the the two spacemen 3 songs that stood out. i went to the gig feeling generally ill, and as there was no support, i struggled with the wait for them to come on, but about ten seconds into cop shoot cop i had been reminded of why i first got into spiritualized in the first place, and as lame it sounds, i felt about fifteen again (ah memories), all wide eyed, completely astounded that that noise up there was being made by some dreary looking thirtysomethings.

they did play for like 2 hours too, which seems to be a very rare thing nowadays. so, er, hats off and all that. i envy stu whos seeing em tonight at the royal albert hall i believe. bet its even more fantastical.

i did also see melt banana on monday, who were as great as everyone else has already said. due to some nasty drunkeness, i gave £4.60 to some sketchy guy for a copy of his bands cd. but! low and behold, its not half bad. the kevorkian solution i think they’re called. sounds like something in between melt banana and dillinger escape plan i would say (but with not as good production).

so there you have it. crappy reviews and pointless obscure music reccomendations. i so rock.


Ollie lives in Cambridge and puts on gigs as part of Crushing Death and Grief.


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