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Archive for November, 2003

2 blogs in a day. Spot the guy without a job

Posted: November 11th, 2003, by Chris Summerlin

But I just bought the new PW Long record “Remembered”. It’s truly amazing. If you saw him at ATP last year then most of the crackers from his set are on it, recorded with a full band (who you’d think were Crazy Horse if you didn’t read the sleeve). Its more like Mule than his other solo records due to the heaviness of the band but the songs are so consistently memorable – especially Fish & Wine which I remember from the ATP set so well I could hum it. Its great to finally have a recorded version of it. He may have called me a faggot once but he’s the man.

Quick update

Posted: November 11th, 2003, by Chris Summerlin

Just a quick update to my previous message – the Wolves! (of Greece) 10 incher is coming out on Gringo Records. All done and dusted and going to be pressed and another 3 songs recorded for a seven inch afterwards too. Hurrah!

I’m back in the UK and its fucking freezing. Everyone in our street got burgled last week apart from us for some reason. I suspect my housemate Amelia is the culprit.

And I don’t have a job. But I do have a stereo again and my records.

Currently listening to:

“Bad Reputation” Thin Lizzy

“Fire Music” Archie Shepp

“Natural Boogie” Hound Dog Taylor & The Houserockers

“Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning” Mississippi Fred McDowell

“Hearts Of Oak” Ted Leo / Pharmacists

1993 Peel Session by PJ Harvey

“Rio Grande Mud” ZZ Top

Live bootleg of Unit Ama with Lungfish

“Who Put Out The Fire?” Monorchid

Rye Coalition, Ted Leo, Arab On Radar and Hot Snakes from MichiganFest DVD


“Vampire Vultures” John Fahey

“Look Out Whitey, Black Power’s Gon’ Get Yo’ Mama!” Julius Lester


Building another FX pedal board


Finishing last bunch of Reynolds recordings, sorting out Last Of The Real Hard Men recordings (note this is below wanking in the list)


A T shirt with a Koala on it saying “G’day from Australia”

About 2 extra stones of body weight

A glum expression


Like / No Like

Posted: November 8th, 2003, by Ollie


Irresponsible impulse-buying of things we can’t even begin to afford and really don’t need

Castlevania on the PS2 (see above)

Pilsbury Toaster Strudels (you can ice them yourself!)

Wolf Eyes (still)

No like:

Irresponsible impulse-buying of things we can’t even begin to afford and really don’t need

Insane weather (it was in the high 70s at the start of this week and now it’s a couple of degrees above freezing or something)

The idiots who apparently haven’t found the time to give me a work permit yet

The price of beer

Elsewhere this week: We saw Birdland who are two people who used to be in Love Life and Jaks. Katrina sang and shimmied around while Sean played organ and guitar at the same time which was very impressive. They also had an odd looking centrafuge type thing behind them which had lights and made a funny noise and seemed like it might be something to do with the organ. If anyone knows exactly what the purpose of this was, other than to look nice, we’d like to know. They were very good though.

We also saw The Matrix Revolutions which was a marvel to look at but was disappointing as a climax to the trilogy. I never liked anything to do with The Matrix before this summer, but after seeing the last one I was hoping for big things, which it didn’t deliver, at least not in terms of storyline. Some of the action is truly incredible though, and it’s probably worth seeing just for that.

Nice to see Chrisummerlin posting, now it won’t just be me who swears far too much. It’ll be quite something to finally see that Wolves record too, about time!

Instal 03

Posted: November 5th, 2003, by Marceline Smith

I’m very excited to hear the news that there is another INSTAL festival in Glasgow this year. Their website’s disappeared so find out more via The Arches (scroll down a bit on the right). With this line-up and the fantasticness of the previous 2 events, I shall definitely be there.

AMM: [Keith Rowe, Eddie Prevost, John Tilbury]
Vooredoms: The Boredoms
Ryoji Ikeda
Vibracathedral Orchestra
Paragon Ensemble

Sun 23 November
4pm-12am £14/£10

Instal, the Arches’ annual new music blow out, is your chance to experience ground breaking and genre defining live experimental music in the unique surroundings of the Arches. In its third year, Instal features one-off performances from some of the most striking artists in contemporary music today.

You’ll also have noted that we now have Chris Summerlin blogging for us. If you don’t know Chris already, I’ll be very surprised but go read his profile by clicking his name on the left there or just go read his always-great columns. We hope to have some other new people blogging soon but they’re all ignoring me just now.


Posted: November 4th, 2003, by Chris Summerlin

After about 1000 attempts I finally got Blogger to accept me. The bad news is the “interesting” segment of my life comes to an end on Friday when I leave Australia so I won’t actually have anything interesting to say after that.

But yesterday I swam in the ocean. It ruled. I haven’t done it since I was about 5. After about 5 minutes my arms were killing me but it was cool. Actually it was fucking FREEZING. Even Australia is cold in the shade at 5pm in the sea.

Then to top it off I saw a Ferrari Testarossa. Parked right next to to the beach where I was swimming. Australia has re-tweaked my interest in cars big time and I felt 12 again. Then I noticed my penis was hanging out of my boxer shorts (I don’t own swimming shorts).

I’m going to write more about Australia for the diskant column but yeah, its been weird but fun.

But I missed some great things back home. Firstly my fellow Wolf Of Greece Simons wedding. What a killer, I hate myself for missing that one.

Talking of wolves, the rest of them went to ABBEY FUCKING ROAD to master our recordings we did a year ago to release on a 10″ (one sided) before the year is out. They even met Paul McCartneys band. But the record: honestly, this time they’re coming out. The man responsible hasn’t updated his site with the info so I don’t know if he’s planning a surprise so I won’t say who’s doing it. But it’s cool. For me especially, it feels good.

And shameless plug coming up:

I am playing in a new band called LORDS (no “The”!). Its me and Phil from Wolves and Elvis from Twinkie. Its two guitars and drums and Phil sings, rather well too. We have some gigs when I get back to Blighty:



15 LONDON BRIXTON SECRET VENUE (with Cat On Form, hey Colossus)


21 LEEDS PACKHORSE (with Macrocosmica and Bilge Pump)


new website too:


Sorry for the plug but I’m excited.

Elvis has been sending me bootlegs of all the gigs I missed at home. How good are the UNIT AMA? I haven’t been so excited about a band for a long while. Wow…

anyway, more lengthy rambles coming I am sure



Posted: November 2nd, 2003, by Ollie

on friday we dressed up as zombies and went to see a band. a fairly standard friday night you may be thinking, but thankfully we saw japanese band mono and they were first fucking class. a few years ago i got completely sick of watching bands of skinny kids who sound like mogwai; there was too damn many of them and they were never very good. this is largely what i was expecting of mono, but after only a few minutes of their set they showed me that they’d done their homework and they meant business. there’s really no escaping the fact that they just sound like mogwai did 5 or 6 years ago: gentle gliding guitar textures that sway and build until it’s very loud, or occasionally switching from very quiet to very loud on a sixpence. the thing that sets them apart from the legions of second rate post-rock copycats is that they do it very very well indeed, the best i’ve heard anyone do it since young team, the holy grail itself came out and lodged itself firmly in my skull. when they were quiet it was all very nice and pretty and 1998 and when it was loud it was “fucking hell, that’s really very loud indeed and i wasn’t expecting that and SHIT it just got louder, well surely they can’t get… JESUS! there they go”. they reminded me why i ever liked this stuff in the first place, at a time when anything that sounds remotely like mogwai sends me to sleep within 30 seconds. the couple of times they went from quiet twiddley bits to SHREDDING THE PLACE TO SHIT i seriously began to wonder if they weren’t better than mogwai ever were, but that was probably the beer talking.

for those who haven’t heard of this band (most of you i’m sure) they’re a tokyo quartet who have albums out on tzadik and arena rock, and will probably be very huge if the nme ever decides to start writing about music again.

lastly, in an effort to get a photo into every blog, here is the amazing pumpkin kim carved.