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Archive for March, 2003

Well, here I am

Posted: March 28th, 2003, by Marceline Smith

Back from the wilderness with bright new shiny broadband and creaky falling apart new house. I’m not going to talk about the war because I’m finding it all very strange and I can’t quite organise my thoughts. That is, the bit that goes STOP THE WAR is quite clear but after that I’m finding there’s lots of debate and thinking. Which is great, obviously. The other major thing is having a TV again and being quite awestruck by the wrongness of televised war. Maybe more sometime later.

In the meantime, I have been Getting Out Of The House, quite a new experience for me really. First stop the newly reformed Throwing Muses back playing live again. I never saw them before and I was quite excited by the idea as well as new album with Tanya and everything. The support band I was confused by, not being able to figure out who the hell they were but not particularly caring since they were a bit dull. I was thus surprised and dismayed to discover they were Sons and Daughters. Surprised because I know Scott and Adele to some small extent and didn’t recognise either of them; dismayed because I really liked Scott’s solo thing March of Dimes and Adele’s voice on various things (Arab Strap, the otherwise rubbish Zephyrs). I can only conclude that something was wrong and I shall endeavour to see them properly and have another go.

I went down the front for Throwing Muses because this was the QMU, a venue where small people cannot see anything unless they are right at the front. Even in the second row, I often couldn’t see a thing, thanks to Tall People in front of me. I hate harping on about the rubbishness of being a wee person at gigs but it so totally sucks. Throwing Muses were great as well – a bunch of songs I knew and a whole lot I didn’t and sounding all sparky and loud with Kristin’s voice as lovely as ever. Only after a few songs the sound started to become uncomfortably loud like the soundman had turned the volume knob all the way up to ‘Mogwai’. So what could have been a wonderful gig ended up with me struggling to see and struggling to make out the tunes through the blaring distortion. Eventually it got so loud I started to feel ill and had to go sit down. So I’ve had it up to here with the stupid QMU. I really resent paying twelve pounds to not see a band and not hear them either. Until they open up the balcony as a special small person’s area and turn the volume down a notch I’m avoiding the place. Gah.

Quite the opposite situation the next night at Stereo where I was treated to a cheap night of fantastic electronic music. Steven and John bis got themselves dressed up in white coats for one of their first gigs as Dirty Hospital, as which they romped through a set of electro rave. Fit to join the ‘electronic music can be fun’ ranks alongside the likes of Cex and Kid606, they were a joy. Loud, fun, stupid electronic music with shouting about hospitals. I like. EU was much more understated but still very very good. And he carted his entire computer all the way from Russia or wherever it is he’s from. No ‘get a laptop’ hecklers to be heard though. I enjoyed his set immensely apart from kicking myself for not bringing any money to buy more of his records. I was also astonished to discover I knew pretty much no-one in the place. When I next see all my Glaswegian friends and acquaintances I shall be shouting FOOL at them for missing this.

This is going on a bit now so I’ll just end with THINGS I WANT.

– a shiny new platinum Gameboy Advance with SNES Zelda!

– new shoes

– to hear the new Mogwai album

– it to be December. How can it still be NINE MONTHS until the next Lord of the Rings film…


Posted: March 26th, 2003, by Dave Stockwell

You might have noticed things have been quiet around diskant towers again, for fairly obvious reasons. There’s little I feel I can say to make any kind of worthwhile point, but something was brought to my attention tonight:

16 May, 1918 – The U.S. Sedition Act

United States, Statutes at Large, Washington, D.C., 1918, Vol. XL, pp 553 ff. A portion of the amendment to Section 3 of the Espionage Act of June 15, 1917.SECTION 3.

Whoever, when the United States is at war, shall willfully make or convey false reports or false statements with intent to interfere with the operation or success of the military or naval forces of the United States, or to promote the success of its enemies, or shall willfully make or convey false reports, or false statements, . . . or incite insubordination, disloyalty, mutiny, or refusal of duty, in the military or naval forces of the United States, or shall willfully obstruct . . . the recruiting or enlistment service of the United States, or . . . shall willfully utter, print, write, or publish any disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language about the form of government of the United States, or the Constitution of the United States, or the military or naval forces of the United States . . . or shall willfully display the flag of any foreign enemy, or shall willfully . . . urge, incite, or advocate any curtailment of production . . . or advocate, teach, defend, or suggest the doing of any of the acts or things in this section enumerated and whoever shall by word or act support or favor the cause of any country with which the United States is at war or by word or act oppose the cause of the United States therein, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $10,000 or imprisonment for not more than twenty years, or both.

To anyone in the United States of America opposing this ‘war’, you have my sympathy.

I write to you from the Room of Boxes

Posted: March 10th, 2003, by Marceline Smith

Yes, I am moving house again, which means diskant is moving too since we don’t really all work in a big castle. The broadband is being a bit tricksy so there may be some delays in getting things updated. It’s also highly possible that this might cause delays in me replying to emails but even if it doesn’t I’ll be using that excuse for at least two months. And, hey, if you’re ever in Glasgow come visit us [unless you are a psycho].

I did wade through the boxes and leave the house over the weekend though, thanks to the major ego boost of being asked to be part of the panel at one of the workshops at Frock On. I had a really great time and met lots of nice people. I’ve always been a little wary of GURLfests, despite being initially radicalised via Riot Girl. Never been too keen on all the vegan, anarchist, new age stuff that goes along with the music and the feminism. But I had a jolly nice free lunch and a couple of hours discussion about self-publishing and zine making with a cool crowd of girls. As I say, I was on the panel along with Lucy from Chica, Marie from No, I’m A Veronica and Pat from Vesuvius and they were all lovely and much more interesting than me. Good discussion from panel and ‘audience’ and lots of networking of the nice kind. Sadly, my head was still full of boxes so I never made it to the evening gigs but I’m sure it was all good. Big thanks to Heather for asking me along.

Right, I better get back to my boxes. Maybe fit in a THINGS I LIKE though:


– Mojave Three and Ligament. Covering all bases at present

– New house!


– Soil gnats! They may not be damaging my plants but they are damn irritating.

– all the crap, boring, tiring parts of moving house

Finally, I am selling some indie/Britpop stuff on eBay so have a look if you might possibly be interested. It’s all ending in the next day or so though.

Part Chimp

Posted: March 1st, 2003, by Ollie

I went to see the gargantuan beasts of rock who go by the name of Part Chimp last night, who were really quite terrific. There were many drunken fallings over, and guitars that could level cities. Yes. When I leave this here country in (hopefully) a couple of month’s time, there will be very few things that I actually miss, but Part Chimp will certainly be one of them. As will Wolves! (Of Greece), and I’m hoping they play near here before I go. Those of you who may have some influence in these matters, get on it.

Recently I have been listening to the latest CD by Rhode Island band The Eyesores which doesn’t disappoint at all. I was very pleased to discover that it includes the song ‘Thousand Yard Stare’ which was the first song of theirs I ever heard (thanks Audiogalaxy). I’m not sure I could really even try to describe such an accomplished work with my inane comments, but if you’re a fan of Black Heart Procession, Will Oldham, Songs:Ohia and all the rest, you could do a lot worse that to pick this up. Out now on Handsome Records!

Neon Hunk, like a lot of bands, used to be called Abra Cadaver. Fuck knows what they think they’re doing. The only reference point I can think of is the music that David Amiss MP played on the cake episode of Brasseye; ridiculous jittery crashes with random blips and screeches. They do that, but with tinny speeded up vocals over the top. The term ‘Pokemon grind’ has been stuck to them, and it seems pretty accurate to me. As completely pointless and stupid as they are though, I couldn’t help but crack a smile when listening to them. They’re dumb and they know it, so there’s no pretence. It’s all good, apparently. I got a split with them and a band called My Name Is Rar Rar who are shouty and have someone from the Flying Luttenbachers in them apparently. Not much else to say about them really. For further things look at Liquid Death/Hello Pussy.

And last, but not least, it’s the return of Things I Like:

Garbage Pail Kids nostalgia

Having enough money to eat all month for the first time in ages

Diskant badges!

And Things I don’t:

The ringing in my ears

Royal Mail

The fact that no one has come round for tea and cake yet. Fuckers.