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Archive for June, 2002


Posted: June 3rd, 2002, by Kat Kitten

I just got back from Portugal a few days ago. It was great! We found an Iron Maiden tribute bar called Eddie’s Bar, apparantly Iron Maiden used to stay in Portugal loads. Someone idiot told us that Eddie, who owned the bar was an Iron Maiden roadie for 6 years. We asked the girl at the bar if we could speak to Eddie but got funny looks from everyone as the girl tried to explain that Eddie was the fictional zombie mascot of Iron Maiden. We felt very stupid.

I was roasting for the Interweb when I got home and was dead pleased to find the following headline on Yahoo: Pie overload threatens baking tradition.

We went to see the Breeders last night. They were on top form and dead funny. It was ace.


Posted: June 2nd, 2002, by Marceline Smith

LE TIGRE! They’re my new favourite band after seeing them play last week. All bands should be like Le Tigre. I want an end to bands with no stage presence. The difference it makes to everyone when the band is having fun onstage [or, even better, all over the venue]. Think Les Savy Fav, Trail of Dead, OXES, heck, even Kylie. And especially Le Tigre. They had matching uniforms, digital films for each song, dance routines and big grins on their faces. They played all the hits, they got everyone dancing, they swapped instruments and whispered in eachother’s ears. They were smart and cute and goofy. I loved them all. All bands should be like Le Tigre.