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Sammo Hung

Named after everyone’s favourite fat martial arts star, and twice as good (although not at kung fu, obviously – that’d be stupid). Cardiff-based Sammo Hung plug in the agitated awkwardness of Gang of Four and the riotous aggression of Bikini Kill, and wire it all up to a series of brilliant pop songs more highly-charged than a van der Graaf generator in a warehouse full of carpets. Marvellous stuff.

Jemma Roper – vocals
James Lawrenson – guitars/vocals
Richard Davies – Drums
Andrew Coombes – Bass

Location: Cardiff
Formed: arse end of 2000

To let us know a bit more about you, what do you think you sound like, and how different is that from what other people have said or written about you?

I’ve usually described us as ‘math-pop’ to whoever asks us what we’re like, and in the past we’ve been told we’re like Blondie barging in on Fugazi, which flatters us beyond belief. Generally, we’re inspired by rock outfits like Shellac, but we also like a tune you can whistle, whilst maybe bathing.

Tip us off – what great new bands are there in your locality, or that you’ve played with, that you’d urge the curious music fan to check out?

We always love playing with Bristolian bands Ivory Springer and Big Joan who are both amazing. From Cardiff, there’s the Martini Henry Rifles, King Alexander and, of course, Mclusky.

Do you feel much affiliation with any community with regards to the music that you create/release? How does Cardiff compare with other cities for its music scene?

Cardiff: Washington DC it ain’t.

Where did you get your band name from? Do you like it? Why Sammo Hung and not Jet Li?

I love the name Sammo Hung, and if the man himself has a problem with that, I suggest he changes his name. Jet Li is very good and a beautiful man, but his surname is crap. He should change it to Engine.

Which is your favourite of your own tracks and why?

I’m very fond of ‘The Laughing Astronaut’. It’s about a dream I had about Stanley Kubrick and a film he was making called The Laughing Astronaut. The main protagonist, during orbit, discovers a dark secret he has to keep from his collegues, and because of this, he can’t stop laughing. When I wrote the riff I didn’t realise it was in 7/4 timing until someone clever told me.

What would you be willing to give up/sacrifice for success with the band?

We would be willing to sacrifice our jobs. Or a goat. No, jobs.

What does your family think of your music?

I don’t know, but it makes them dance like retards.

What are your day jobs?

I’m a bar manager, James is a sound engineer, Andy and Rich are escorts.

You’ve been asked to contribute to a charity covers album. Which song(s) would you most likely cover, and why?

Van Halen’s ‘Jump’; the most rousing song ever made.

What’s your favourite bit of band kit?


If diskant could buy one thing for your band for Christmas, what would it be?

More tubes.

What are the last couple of albums you bought and are they any good?

Andy bought me Nation of Ulysses’ 13 Point Program to Destroy America on vinyl for my birthday and that’s very good. I bought James Shellac’s 1000 Hurts for his birthday and he loves it, but is bewildered by the song about squirrels. I got the latest N.E.R.D. LP. It’s rubbish.

Choose between:

Indie label or major label deal?


CD or vinyl?

Vinyl, but any medium is good.

Records or live music?

I work in a music venue, so does James. We can’t escape live music. We can’t escape!!!

Sing us a song:

do! do! do! do! JUMP! do! do! do!

Website: www.nohungnofun.co.uk

Records we can buy:
Stand Up and Swear (LP)
Hit The Konvulsator (7″ single – sold out now though)
Simon Richards Popular Front EP (Purr 7″ EP)
Random SOB (Boobytrap CD single)
I Love The Leader (7″ Single)

You can buy ’em all in shops, but best to get ’em from our mate’s place www.thedudesabode.com, ‘cos they come lovingly packaged with care.