diskant is an independent music community based in Glasgow, Scotland and we have a whole team of people from all over the UK and beyond writing about independent music and culture, from interviews with new and established bands and labels to record and fanzine reviews and articles on art, festivals and politics. There's over ten years of content here so dig in!

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» 15 MINUTES TO LIVE – Music, movies and news with mp3s and clips
» 75 OR LESS – Record reviews, and lots of them – each under 75 words.
» ACID LOGIC – Excellent webzine run by the amusing and entertaining Wil Forbis
» AQUAMARINE – Alternative, underground and indie music zine
» BEARD – Blog for the Scottish music, arts and facial hair zine
» BRAINWASHED – Fantastic, fiercely independent music resource
» BUDDYHEAD – Indie rock and gossip from the website that thinks it’s above the law
» COMES WITH A SMILE – Online companion to the fancy zine. Reviews and interviews
» DELUSIONS OF ADEQUACY – Top notch webzine from New York.
» DO SOMETHING PRETTY – Nice UK indie zine with news, reviews and interviews
» ELECTRIC BIG-BANG SWING MACHINE – 13 issues of articles, stories and stupidity
» EMOTION LOTION – The lovely April’s weblog plus zines, stickers and badges
» FAKE JAZZ – Cool US zine with plenty of interesting reviews
» FRAMLEY EXAMINER – Excellent stoopid made-up local newspaper
» FREAKY TRIGGER – 7 group blogs on everything from pop music to food to science
» INDIE PAGES – US resource for bands, record labels and distros plus a zine
» INDIEHORSE – Basic but amusing comic strips involving your favourite indie bands
» IS THIS MUSIC? – Scottish music magazine by the people behind Jockrock
» JIJI~PUNCH – A jelly and icecream castle of Nintendo, idiocy, biscuits and more
» JOCKROCK – Scottish zine and resource full of news, reviews and gig guides
» KITTEN PAINTING – Ace webzine with indie gig reviews, drawings and mewsings
» LOGO MAGAZINE – Online arm of the independent music publication for cool new music
» LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS – Steve Gullick and Stevie Chick’s zine and label
» MOGWAI ARTZINE – Writing and art by people describing what Mogwai means to them
» THE MORNING NEWS – Awesome New York ‘web-based periodical’ updated daily
» NO PICTURES – A high powered mutant rant not intended for mass production
» NO ROCK’N’ ROLL FUN – Up to date music news, reported with humour and wit
» NUDE MAGAZINE – Excellent independent arts and culture magazine
» PANDER ZINE DISTRO – Ericka’s catalogue of fanzines that she distros worldwide
» PAPER RAD – A super-concentrated community with comics, band sites and videos
» PINK NOISES – Electronic music resource for GURLS with interviews, advice, forums.
» PITCHFORK – Daily music news and reviews plus interviews and columns
» PLAN B – New magazine by the Careless Talk Costs Lives folks with blogs and reviews
» POPJUSTICE – Genius pop zine with all the gossip and hilarity you need
» PUNK PLANET – All the information about this excellent US magazine
» ROBOTS AND ELECTRONIC BRAINS – Intelligent underground music fanzine
» SPEEDER – Archive of the fun fanzine run by our own Joe Morris
» THE STEREO EFFECT – Great zine with lots of good reviews
» STEREO SANCTITY – Reliably good writing on the obscure end of music and film
» TANGENTS – Intelligent f anzine with articles on music, fiction, art and culture
» TASTY – Interviews, articles and reviews on music and politics
» THINGS – Links and links and links to random articles, news and stuff on the internet
» THUMPED – Underground Irish music resource with news, listings, articles and reviews