diskant is an independent music community based in Glasgow, Scotland and we have a whole team of people from all over the UK and beyond writing about independent music and culture, from interviews with new and established bands and labels to record and fanzine reviews and articles on art, festivals and politics. There's over ten years of content here so dig in!

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» BLOGGER – Push-button publishing for the people
» BRAINWASHED – Fantastic, fiercely independent music resource
» CONGLOMCO – Tech-savvy artists, activists, musicians, and pranksters
» DEL.ICIO.US – Extremely useful onine bookmarking service
» EPITONIC – Huge amounts of brilliant music available for download
» ETSY – A place to buy and sell all things handmade. Ace crafty stuff.
» THE EXPLODING CINEMA – Bringing independent cinema back to its roots
» GIGPOSTERS – Great site with stacks of posters and flyers
» GLOBALISE RESISTANCE – Anti-capitalist and anti-war group
» GUITAR GEEK – A site for the sad anally retentive freak in every guitar player
» INDIE PAGES – US resource for bands, record labels and distros plus a zine
» INDIECENTRE – DIY music resource with info on all the mechanics of starting a label
» INDYMEDIA – Tells the kind of news that should be on TV and isn’t
» INSOUND – Enormous US music resource with info on bands, records and zines
» JOCKROCK – Scottish zine and resource full of news, reviews and gig guides
» JOHN PEEL SESSION ARCHIVE – Detailed information on years of Peel Sessions
» THE MANUAL – Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty of The KLF on how to get a No.1
» MY FUCKING EARZ!! – Video archive of noise bands from Melt-Banana to Merzbow
» OXFORDBANDS – Extremely useful resource for Oxford’s music scene
» PINK NOISES – Electronic music resource for GURLS with interviews, advice, forums
» PLACE POSITION – Mobile studio based in Northampton run by Phill from Reynolds
» PLASTIC – Daily updated news from the serious to the ridiculous
» POCKET MOD – Customisable, disposable personal organisers
» RESONANCE FM – Innovative and experimental London radio station
» SNACKSPOT – All the latest snack news and sightings
» TAMIZDAT – Resource for independent music from and in Central and Eastern Europe
» TWEE NET – Huge web resource to complement the Indiepop mailing
» UPCOMING – Track and share your events online
» WHITE DOT – The international campaign against television
» WORST CASE SCENARIOS – Tips on how to land a plane, wrestle an alligator and more