diskant is an independent music community based in Glasgow, Scotland and we have a whole team of people from all over the UK and beyond writing about independent music and culture, from interviews with new and established bands and labels to record and fanzine reviews and articles on art, festivals and politics. There's over ten years of content here so dig in!

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» AWKWARD SILENCE – Purveyors of quality split 7″ vinyl recordings since 1999
» BEAROS RECORDS – Purveyors of fine music from the West Midlands and beyond
» BLISS – Non-profit tape label promoting indiepop and noisepop
» CATSUP PLATE – New York label that has released records for Black Dice, Destroyer etc.
» CHEMIKAL UNDERGROUND – Influential Glasgow label run by the Delgados
» DARLA – US label, mail order and distributor of lots of cool bands and labels
» DISCHORD – Historic and hugely influential DC Label
» DOMINO RECORDS – UK independent label releasing the best in indie rock
» DREAMY RECORDS – London label with releases by Arco, the Autumn Leaves, Kirk Lake
» ERROL RECORDS – Errol is here to bring ‘proper’ music back to the masses
» FOURIER TRANSFORM – Beautifully and unusually packaged music
» GRINGO RECORDS – Nottingham-based label with an awesome singles club
» GUIDED MISSILE – London label with everything from early Fall type bands to post-rock
» JONSON FAMILY – Run by Stanton with info on how to release your own record
» K RECORDS – US punk label releasing excellent stuff from loads of band
» KILL ROCK STARS – US punk/riot girl record label
» KRANKY – Chicago label with releases by Low, Labradford and Godspeed
» LOAD RECORDS – Rockin’ US label and home to Arab On Radar, Lightning Bolt etc.
» MATADOR RECORDS – US indie rock label, home to Cat Power, Yo La Tengo etc.
» MONITOR RECORDS – US label, home to OXES, Jeff Mueller, Sweeder, Eiffel Tower
» MONORAIL – Amazing record shop in the lovely Mono cafe/restaurant in Glasgow
» NORMAN RECORDS – Fantastic UK based online music store
» OSCARR – The Optimo in house label with releases by Uter, Pro Forma and Park Attack
» PURR – Regular shows in Bath with live bands and DJs plus a cool record label
» ROCK ACTION – Mogwai’s very own label and home to Part Chimp and Errors
» ROCKET GIRL – UK space rock label and mail order distro
» SECRETLY CANADIAN – Lo-fi indie rock label from Bloomington, Indiana
» SERIOUSLY GROOVY – Alternative UK Record & Publishing Company based in London
» SHINKANSEN – Indiepop label from the people behind the legendary Sarah Records
» SILENT AGE RECORDS – Fiercely independent UK label
» SKIN GRAFT – Lots of US and Japanese screechiness
» SLOWDANCE – Friendly San Diego label
» SOUTHERN – Releases or distributes almost every good band ever
» STEADY CAM – Australian label that was founded by Twelve24 and Show Pony
» SUB POP – Historic US label that’s released records for so many bands it’s not even funny
» TEMPORARY RESIDENCE – US label that run the Travels in Constants singles club
» TRANSFORMED DREAMS – Dutch independent label
» TROUBLEMAN UNLIMITED – US label that has released records for a stack of great bands
» TSK! TSK! RECORDS – The european home to Troubleman’s Erase Errata
» UNPOPULAR – New label started by Alistair of Tangents zine
» WARP RECORDS – Well established Sheffield electronic label
» WHERE IT’S AT IS WHERE YOU ARE – Where music and passion are always in fashion
» WRATH – Purveyors of alternative guitar-bashing and intense chord-mongering