diskant is an independent music community based in Glasgow, Scotland and we have a whole team of people from all over the UK and beyond writing about independent music and culture, from interviews with new and established bands and labels to record and fanzine reviews and articles on art, festivals and politics. There's over ten years of content here so dig in!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t even think about emailing anyone at diskant until you’ve checked that the answer to your question isn’t already here. If it is we’ll likely just ignore your email.

Please will you link to my website?

Maybe. Send the details to the diskant Overlord and we’ll have a look and see if it’s suitable. We’re currently working on a new version of the Links section so it might be some time before anything happens.

How can my band get featured on diskant?

We’re always on the lookout for fantastic new bands for the Talentspotter section. If your band would like to be featured then get in touch and send a tape/cd/whatever and some info [contact e-mail etc.] to us and if we like it we might interview you.

We’re in a band/run a record label – can we send you some cds to review?

Yes please! Check the Review Submissions page for information.

I sent you an e-mail ages ago! why haven’t you replied?

I’m sorry about this but we’re honestly that busy. Most of us have real jobs as well as bands and labels and I get a lot of diskant email so it can take up to a couple of months for me to get around to your email, especially if it requires a lengthy answer. Generally if you’re friendly and ask simple, to the point questions then you’re more likely to get a reply. People who email demanding stuff or who obviously haven’t taken even two minutes to look up my name and find out what diskant is and what it does will likely end up in the trash. As will any future emails asking questions in this FAQ page. But it’s also possible I never got your email or have forgotten it and a reminder might be a good idea. ONE reminder though eh?

Why don’t you update diskant more often?

See above. Also, I have now been diagnosed with RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) mainly caused by too much computer usage. So I really need to cut down on things.

Can I write an article for diskant?

I don’t know, can you? If you can then feel free to send it to us and we might put it up on the site. In general we go for interesting, amusing and well-written articles about subjects related to independent music and culture. We don’t pay, sorry.

Will you print my poems?

Absolutely not. No way. In my personal opinion, only about 1% of poetry written is any good and the likelihood of you sending me something from that 1% is, let’s face it, tiny. I’m prepared to live with the fact that I might miss out on something amazing through this blinkered attitude but it’s like dealing with the fact that I might miss a real opportunity to make a million dollars by deleting all messages with ‘make lots of money NOW’ as the subject.

I’ve taken some photos at some gig recently – do you want to put them up on diskant?

We’re no longer running a photography section as it’s way too much work. However, if you’ve taken a series of photos that could be put together as a photo diary (of a tour, festival or event of some kind), complete with some text then we might be interested. Email us to see. Please don’t send copies of your photos as attachments until we ask to see them.

I’d like to write for diskant – are you looking for more people?

We’re not actively looking for more writers but we are a bit short of reviewers so if you’d like to review some records or films for us contact us with some information about yourself along with two examples of your writing about records you’ve been listening to recently, films you’ve seen etc.

Your site doesn’t work! Why not?

I don’t know! Maybe you’re typing the url into a calculator. If you tell me what exactly isn’t working, I’ll try and get it fixed. Use this link to let me know what browser and operating system you’re using. I’m not able to check the site on every browser on every operating system but as far as I know there aren’t any horrific problems with the usability of diskant. Feel free to tell me I’m wrong though – I’d rather know than not. I’m going to regret saying that, aren’t I?

How does diskant manage to make money without having banner ads and suchlike?

Well, that’s easy. We don’t make any money. Until a few years ago, diskant cost no money and earned no money. Since then we’ve moved to professional web hosting and initially I tried to earn back some of the costs by charging sites a very small amount of money for a share in our hosting. Nowadays, we’ve managed to pay off nearly all of our debts and our hosting is very cheap so I generally manage to cover the costs myself. We may do some small scale peer advertising soon though. If you’re interested feel free to email.

What happened to all the websites at diskant?

Oh, most of them are still going. I made a, fairly sudden, decision to downsize diskant after realising that it really was taking up too much of my time and making me unhappy, unwell and very skint. Everyone’s been very nice about being evicted from their homes at diskant and most have found good hosting elsewhere. Check the links section to see where they’ve all gone. It’s very quiet without them.

Will you design my website/record sleeve/poster?

Quite possibly! Marceline, Simon and Chris all do design work. Have a look at our sites and get in touch.

What do you all do when you’re not working on diskant?

All the main writers are busy people in one way or another, having jobs and extra-curricular activities. Click on their names in the right sidebar and you’ll find out what!

Hello, I’m a fat businessman. what’s your price?

Ten million dollars. Why are you so fat?

You’ve used one of my photographs without permission, misquoted me or libelled me! what are you going to do about it before I go ahead and sue you?

We take this kind of thing very seriously and every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the content of diskant. However, if you have any problem with the content please inform us and we’ll make every effort to correct mistakes or remove copyrighted materials or other offending items or comments.

Can you advertise my gig/record/fanzine on diskant?

Well, no, not really. If you’re organising a really exciting event then we might feature it on the blog. Otherwise you’ll just have to send us your zine or record and wait for someone to review it.

Why do you keep going on about pie all the time?

If you have to ask that, you have clearly have no concept of the importance of PIE and should probably leave, now. And have some pie while you’re at it.

Where do you get off being so self-important? You’re only running a two-bit website.

I know. It’s just because it’s funny. I’m incapable of taking anything seriously and my motto is ‘better to lose a good friend than a good jest’

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