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Talentspotter Questions

Here’s the generic questions of each section of Talentspotter, the idea being you use these questions as a base for your interviews, adding, editing and removing to fit your subject. Try and keep at least 8 of the original questions for continuity throughout Talentspotter.

If you’d like to submit a Talentspotter profile of your favourite local band, email us with your suggested band and we’ll let you know if we’re interested.


Alway ask these:

  • Members, and what you do in the band:
  • Location:
  • Formed:
  • Website and/or contact details:
  • Records we can buy:

General questions:

What do you think you sound like, and how different is that from what other people have said or written about you?

What do you do in your day-to-day lives, other than being <BAND NAME>?

Which is your favourite of your own tracks and why?

What have you been listening to/reading lately that you’d recommend?

What’s so great about <PLACE BAND LIVE>?

What are your upcoming band plans?

Which has been your favourite and least favourite gig you’ve played?

Who is your most famous fan, or the most famous person that owns one of your records?

What does your family think of your music?

What’s on your stereo RIGHT NOW?

What are the best and worst local bands you’ve seen recently?

What is your favourite useless fact?

How has The Magical World of MySpace™ helped your band?

Do you feel much affiliation with any community with regards to the music that you create/release?

Where did you get your band name from? Do you like it?

What would you be willing to give up/sacrifice for success in your band?

You’ve been asked to contribute to a charity covers album. Which song(s) would you most likely cover?

What’s your favourite bit of band kit? If diskant could buy one thing for your band for Christmas, what would it be?

What are the last couple of albums you bought and are they any good?


Why the hell did you call your label that?

How did you get the whole thing started? How long have you been running now?

Have you been inspired by any labels in terms of style/ambition/enthusiasm?

What kind of a role has the internet played regarding your label? Some people these days operate exclusively via the ‘net, whilst others are still very much mail order based. What’s your stance?

Is downloading killing music? Do you harbour any strong feelings sympathetic to or against the RIAA?

Do you feel an affiliation with other labels out there? Is there any kind of community or so-called ‘scene’ – be it local or not – that you feel linked to?

Has there ever been a time when you felt like calling it a day, that the label was too much trouble?

Where have you found bands you’ve released stuff by so far? Do you get demos etc sent to you? Do you ask the bands or do they ask you?

Speaking of which, do you have any hot musical tips for us at the moment?

Who decides the artwork for your releases? Do you have a major say in the matter, or do you let the bands decide?

Who do you use to make and print your records? Would you recommend them to others?

What’s your opinion on the importance of press and media coverage? Do you have any particular policies on how to get it?

Do you have any Grand World Domination plans for the label, or is it a case of natural evolvement?

Got any advice for the prospective new label mogul?

Finally, what would be your dream release – which band, which format, and how would it be packaged?


How did you first discover fanzines and what made you want to do your own?

What kind of stuff do you cover in the zine? Do you have any kind of editorial policy on the subjects you cover? Do you have any arguments about the content?

UK zinedom seems to have been a bit quiet of late. Do you think thngs are starting to pick up again. Do you feel any kinship with other new zines?

How important is the layout and design to you?

What good/bad/hilarious experiences have you had doing interviews?

Who would you most like to interview?

How much does the internet affect fanzines in general and partic ularly your own? Do you have any plans to put the fanzine online?

What’s your opinion on the big league fanzines such as Punk Planet, MRR, Careless Talk Costs Lives and Fracture?

With the NME losing readers by the shovelful and new magazines Bang and X-Ray folding, what kind of future is there for the mainstream music press? What would you like to see in a new music magazine?

What bands are you excited about just now?

What have been the best and worst things about running a fanzine?

Have you got any advice for anyone thinking of starting a fanzine?

What have you got planned for future issues?