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Grandscope are a Birmingham collective harking back to the happy days when analogue synths ruled the world, their releases on Bearos Records confirming them as both driving Stereolab-esque Krautrock and throwback Depeche Mode revisionists, in a good way? At their best, they’re a thrilling combination of the motorik pulse of Add N to (X), all throbbing bass noises and vocodered vocals, and the chirpy synths of the Human League.

Who we talked to: Dave, guitar/keyboards
Location: Birmingham
Formed: 1996

What do you think you sound like? How different is that from what other people have said about you?

We’re an eclectic mix of soundscapes and rock that combine analogue sounds with unchained melodies, ‘setting even the sluggish feet tapping’. Some people have said that we’re Krautrock!

What great bands are there in your locality, or that you’ve played with, that you’d urge the curious music fan to check out?

We’ve played with too many great bands to mention them all, but they include Leftalone, The RiverCards, Distophia, Yellobelly and The Dhobies.

Do you feel much affiliation with any community with regards to the music that you make?

Mainly the sort of people who listen to the likes of bands and artists like Pink Floyd, the Super Furries, REM, Radiohead, Nick Cave and great bands from other decades like New Order, Echo & The Bunnymen and Led Zeppelin. Also the generation who listen to today’s electronic music (Boards of Canada, Fourtet, Prefuse 73) – the sort of people find the music for themselves and like it solely because it’s great music, not because it’s in fashion.

Where did you get your band name from? Do you like it?

We were originally called ‘Comfortably Numb’ when we were at school and one day one of the other boys turned round and said ‘how about ‘Grandscope’?’ I think it’s a great name and we’re a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy in the sense that our name reflects the music we try to make.

Which is your favourite of your own tracks?

My favorite track is called ‘Low Tempers’ because it has a beautiful Rhodes riff which carries the song through and although it has no vocals, it can be listened to as easily as any song because of the texture the other instruments bring to it.

What would you be willing to sacrifice for success in your band?

I don’t have anything so I’ve got nothing to lose.

What does your family think of your music?

All of our families love our music and know how hard we work.

You’ve been asked to contribute to a charity covers album. Which song(s) would you most likely cover?

I would cover ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ by Queen if I could sing!

What’s your favourite bit of band kit? If diskant could buy your band something for Christmas, what would it be?

My favorite bit of kit is the Juno 7. It has a nice warm analogue sound and complements the MS2000 digital synth very nicely. If we could have something bought for us, I’d ask for a band computer so we can do our own recording.

What are the last couple of albums you bought?

The last album I bought was Rings around the World by the Super Furries. I also just heard the new Air album Talkie Walkie – very melodic. I’m going to see them next week.

Choose between:

(a) Indie label or major label deal?

Major label deal.

(b) CD or vinyl?

Vinyl all the way. Vinyl gives off beta waves which make you happy!

(c) Records or live music?

Records are good for memories but live gives off the true energy of the music being played!

Sing us a song to send us on our way…

‘You’re going home on the number 8 bus
You’re going home in a f***ing ambulance!’

Website: http://clik.to/grandscope

Records we can buy:
‘Tricolore’ 7″ single (Bearos Records 2003)