diskant is an independent music community based in Glasgow, Scotland and we have a whole team of people from all over the UK and beyond writing about independent music and culture, from interviews with new and established bands and labels to record and fanzine reviews and articles on art, festivals and politics. There's over ten years of content here so dig in!

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» 365 DAYS OF STUFFED ANIMALS – Possibly the greatest thing ever
» ANIMAL CROSSING COMMUNITY – Fan-run site for the innovative Nintendo game
» BEATSIE BOYS – Make yr own Beastie Boys remixes
» BOX DOODLE PROJECT – Art made from cardboard boxes
» THE BUBBLE PROJECT – Speech bubble art from NYC posters
» CASSETTE JAM 05 – Re-live the 80s with this amazing gallery of blank cassettes
» MARK CONNELLY – Excellent live band photography from the best gigs in Glasgow
» DR TOAST’S AMAZING WORLD OF TOAST – The only toast website you’ll ever need
» F A C E S – Flickr set of faces found in everyday objects
» FLIPFLOPFLYIN’ – Total art genius made up of a smattering of pixels
» FRAMLEY EXAMINER – Excellent stoopid made-up local newspaper
» GAMESRADAR – For all the console gaming news as it happens
» GIANT FIERY HAND – Work by diskant’s favourite illustrator, Andrew Clare
» HELLO CTHLHU – Sanrio characters meet God of the damned!
» HONEY IS FUNNY – Wolves! (of Greece), Lords, Reynolds and the PLC LTD cartoons
» INBOXER REBELLION – Hilarious email and internet hoaxes
» INDIEHORSE – Basic but amusing comic strips involving your favourite indie bands
» JAPANESE EMOTICONS – My new favourite thing (@_@)
» JOWLERS – Where distortion is cause for celebration
» JOSHUA KRAUSE STUDIO – Online gallery of the NYC artist’s work
» MARIOPEDIA – Exhaustive Super Mario character encyclopedia
» MINI ORGAN – Awesome gallery of 70s and 80s electronic musical toys
» NANACA CRASH – See how far you can fling boys with your bike
» A NICE CUP OF TEA AND A SIT DOWN – The web’s toppermost biscuit website
» NINTENDO – Official website for the greatest computer games makers
» NITPICKERS – Get incredibly petty about plot/factual/continuity errors in films
» ORISINAL – Cutie cute soft-edged pastel-coloured games and things to do
» PAPER CRAFTS – Free downloadble PDFs to make ace paper models
» PAPER RAD – A super-concentrated community with comics, band sites and videos
» PENCIL REVOLUTION – Pencil reviews and philosophy
» PIXEL GIRL SHOP – Beautiful and cute handmade goods
» RAWK.ORG – A million pretty pictures of a million pretty bands
» SCANLON WORLD – A tribute to the man, the myth and the life that is Ian Scanlon
» WILLIAM SCHAFF – Artist who has worked with Godspeed You Black Emperor
» SNACKSPOT – All the latest snack news and sightings
» SPACE INVADERS SHRINE – Play Space Invaders all day. Old Skool!
» STUPID.COM – More stupid stuff than you can shake any stick at
» TEENGIRLHEART – Marceline’s portfolio of artwork, photography and web design
» TV CREAM – Exhaustive round-up of TV programmes of days gone by
» MEGAN WHITMARSH – Embroidery and art full of mountains, yeti and dancing girls
» WORST CASE SCENARIOS – Tips on how to land a plane, wrestle an alli gator and more